Amazing song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/10

This is an incredible song from an amazing album, composed by a spectacular band. I went to see them on their latest tour, in Charlotte. The performance was mind-blowing.

(Also, it was very funny to see people throwing quarters at them on stage as they played this song)

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/09

You don't hear dynamics in a song much better than this. Not only are the lyrics great, but the structure of the song is on a level that doesn't get reached by the bands you hear on the radio everyday. Definitely truly a prodigious song.

Wow! | Reviewer: Bob | 2/25/09

At first I didnt like this song but then one day i listened to it and BLAM! it hit me that i loved this song my favorite part is at that the end when brandon goes all out on the end of the song cuz it caught my attention but brandon has a gift with lyrics in all of songs that uses big words that explain life and his powerful voice This Is Definitley my favorite band forever.


This time it's the turntables, bass and the vocals rock. Very very cool and quite pacifying. I love how Brandon did his part. His voice is more of an instrument, VERY POWERFUL. COOL TO HAVE A SINGER IN THE INDUSTRY LIKE HIM. Song’s bass was enormous and I love hearing it. The song evolves from a simple rock and hard thumping ending. I love ‘em.
Favorite part "You are a fingernail, running down the chalkboard"... i hate that's irritating but I quite blown to see it in a lyrics.. It really amazes me where the songwriters get the idea. DEFINITELY GENIUS!

Brandon's Voice | Reviewer: Steve | 2/1/08

Brandon uses his voice more like an instrument and it is perfectly demonstrated in the song. I feel most contemporary vocalist separate themselves from the band, Brandon does the contrary.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/08

the 1st 3 lines of lyrics in this song are the only thing that lets it down. all the others are absolute genius especially the temporaryism part but the 1st little bit sounds a little cheesy. great song though. 1 of my favourite tunes ever. xx

1st grade. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/08

What a way to capture the feeling! When you know that what you're picturing in your mind is essentially wrong not because it's a bad thing to do but because it's a 1st grade crush, and of course this song seems to imply that the circumstances force the person not to go for it, so better wait for the phase to be over.
I've been listening to this song for the past 4 months, and now I can finally listen to it from the other side, I agree even more than before. But now I realize, that it's not only what I was feeling, but what was happening to him too.
All in all> GREAT SONG. :p

best song | Reviewer: spectacular | 11/6/07

this song perfectly demonstrates how beautiful brandon's voice is. this is easily incubus's most well-produced song as well as their best song ever!!!

Wow. | Reviewer: Kat | 10/28/07

Holly cow, Even though i heard of incubus songs many times, this one is just pure love, the way the lyrics fit in so well with the instruments, it makes you relax alot, well it lets me relax alot ^_^
awsome song, makes you wanna listen too it over and over again :3

just a phase perfection | Reviewer: sk | 7/30/07

this song reverberates in my soul. it is pure amazement-no song can ever make you feel how this one makes you feel. just close your eyes and sink into it...