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Performed by Incubus

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Msg for my Ex: Happy bday.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/10

Hope u'l be happy as u welcum an0ther year. I miss u and will always cherish for d rest of my life. Lav u so much.. Mwaah.. And I miss you so! For u'v been g0ne like 10 m0nths n0w.. I kn0w we can never be together anym0re. I'm n0t bein negativ, but life must c0ntinue even without u as the center of my world. I still got my 31 reas0ns why i love you. All i got is our memories fr0m day 1 that i got to met u 'til our broke up while were stil dating then. Oh well, truth is I can only greet u here without u kn0wing. Lol. It's no use? Hahah I think so too..

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/09

My boyfriend and I both go to the same college and he went home for Christmas, while I stayed here. It's been exactly 10 days since we've seen each other and we both have 7 more days till we get to be together again. It's been so hard to be without him this long when we basically live together at college, but we both can't wait to be together again :). He texted me the other day and told me that he had set this song as a ringtone for me when I call him; it made me smile :). He's perfect in my eyes and I keep counting the days till I'm in his arms again. I miss him.

Heart Broken.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/09

My boyfriend broke up with me in April and I have never missed anyone this much. I used to see him when I woke that's gone. Don't take what you have for granted, but you guys are right, keep your head up and hope in your heart.

this song is beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/09

I attach this to two people; I spent a year and a half in a long distance relationship, and when I first heard this song it had been 10 days since I'd last seen my boy friend, and I never saw him again as he ended it.

But now I've met someone else, and I cannot believe he feels the same way as I do, and indeed it's a "three-fold utopian dream"

this song reminds me that through heart break, there is always hope.

I miss her... | Reviewer: Cal | 11/28/09

My girlfriend and I broke up after almost a year a few weeks back. I'm still in love with her and I miss her so much. She means everything to me. This gives me some hope that she'll come back even if it takes time.

I miss you. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/09

This song reminds me of my boyfriend.
I've been wanting to be with him for a long time.
And I'm finally with him.

I can't believe it...
"To know that you feel the same as I do
Is a three-fold, Utopian dream."

I don't see him as much as I would like to, but when I do see him, it's incredible, I do believe I love him.

He's my life and I can't believe he's mine:)

Endless Love | Reviewer: AKD :) | 11/18/09

I have been a fan of Incubus for a long time now. This is a great song and clearly has so much meaning to so many people. My relative passed away recently and this song was played at his funeral. It is such a touching song and I couldnt believe it when it suddenly started playing- my emotions got the better of me as we all said our good byes for his journey in to the next life.His warm and generous spirit will live on inside the many lives that he touched in his short life. Remember to tell the ones you love that you love them everyday. In memory of Oliver X

Maybe you will recognize me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/09

This song reminds me of someone I had never a relationship to but who I always have to think of. I guess he relates it to me as well. In the moment I miss him... although I'm in a new relationship... It's just that our relationship never startet and I don't know why. We both had/have feelings for each other and I cannot understand what went wrong. Maybe I will never understand it and always think of this 'lost love'.

Mixed feelings | Reviewer: Matt H. | 11/5/09

It's fascinating how i think there's so many more people like me who would take their time reading pages and pages of what people have written in their comments, just to feel a little bit better, or try to relate to it in some way.

Can i relate to this anyway with the fact that i've never been in a physical relationship? Sure, i don't see any reason why not. I understand what it's like. I'm almost 17, and havent even been in a relationship. In a way, in makes me feel awful- alone, and not just anti-social, but more so afraid; afraid of what i'm going to be in life, if i don't have anything or anyone to help me carry on. I look at the other side of this as a good feeling of avoiding high school drama, but it doesnt change the fact that i do still feel pain inside, and have mixed feelings of love, pain, and confusion.

Growing up from a broken home, on the pinnacle of despair, i know more than a lot of people give me credit for. And sure, you may think "well, that's your problem." but why judge? Anyway, i do have a few good friends back where i used to live, and i never really thought of what they thought of me, which kind of hurts- but i miss them either way. I can say with a straight face that i miss my childhood. This song is just another great song by Incubus that helps me, (like most music) cope with the situation. Sure, it doesnt cure it- but it helps. It gives you that feeling that tells you to hang on- even if you feel inside that you're too lost to make it.

reminds me of the past | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/09

A month or so ago i had my first kiss. I am 16, almost 17, so this was a little late compared to most kids. But i wouldn't have picked to have it with anyone else. We never ended up dating though, and a few weeks after we madeout, we lost our friendship. I don't know what happened, or why we stopped talking to each other, but i miss him so much. I think about him everyday and how if i had a chance i would have told him how i felt and how i did not want to lose him. He was a great friend to me. I stopped some of my "bad" habbits because of him, and since we stopped talking i have picked them back up. Not only was he my first kiss, but he was an amazing friend and just seeing him made me smile. I miss him like crazy and this song (along with probably 50 other songs) makes me feel like he is next to me again, and that peice of my heart he took is back in place again.

my magnet is going in the military | Reviewer: JMagnet | 11/2/09

D, I fall deeper in love with you with every day. Like the ocean waves, the reasons are endless, but just like they crash to the shore, my love will always go to you... You're about to leave, but I'll be waiting on that shore for you. With a pounding heart that "beats fast & slow at the same time", I want you to know that I love you more than you can ever comprehend. you are my love, my heart, my smile. :) -J

an ocean apart love | Reviewer: needjon08 | 11/3/09

me and my boyfriend are together for 3 years.after a year of being together, their family moved to a diffrent place and leave us no choice but say farewell, but we did not end the love that we started. we still see each other during sembreak and sembreak and sometimes christmas.

uL truly realize the worth of someone if they are far. but the most important thing of all is that we love each other despite the distance between us. it was never a hindrance for our love and until now we are growing stronger than ever.

i knw how it felt to love someone so very far away but the best thing about it is, when u see each other ul treasure all the moments uv all shared and how our love stayed even the distance..

<i love u dae>

tnx incubus for that wonderful song

I miss you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/09

The first time I heard this song was several years ago and though I knew the words, I did not completely understand them. My boyfriend has been gone for almost two weeks and I am realizing how much he taught me about love. I have never been so excited to see someone in the morning in my life and every night I have to imagine that he is asleep next to me so I can fall asleep

Hearing my husband thru their words | Reviewer: Christina | 10/28/09

My husband is in the military and is deployed at this moment. He tells me all the time that he loves me, but can't ever express himself more than that when it comes to his feelings for me. He has this song on his myspace profile and informed me that this song is how he feels. Whenever I need to hear from him but I can't, I listen to this song, ans its as if he is speaking to me. Their words are worth millions to me.

missing someone in the military | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/09

This is the sadest song and brings tears to my eyes, my husband is a soldier serving our country and live countless months apart. sometimes the only thing i have is the smell of him on my pillow. i miss him more than anything. being married to the military is a hard life to live. when we are apart we play this song for eachother...

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