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Performed by Incubus

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.... | Reviewer: Iris Solano | 10/22/07

Beautiful song, terrific lyrics.... and awesome sound, full of feeling and pure love. I've just heard this song, and all I'm thinking about is my beloved Erick, who finished our relationship after tons of love and hapiness.... Anyway, I know we'll always have each other when everything else is gone. XoXo

Inspiring !!! | Reviewer: Jenn A | 10/8/07

I want to thank Incubus for this song, which gave me chills as soon as I heard it on 92.3 K-ROCK in New York (YAY they are back!). The u2-inspired guitar first caught me, then the soaring vocals, finally the lyrics sunk in. I loved Incubus since "Wish You Were Here" years back, what an amazing underrated band that should have more play on Top 40 radion -- and "Dig" proves it all over again.

Now my boyfriend is sadly going through rehab, and this song has inspired us both in so many ways as we try to get through tough times. Thank you Incubus for this brilliant work of art that has touched and helped lives.

purely amazing | Reviewer: nora | 10/1/07

this song is amazing. not only do they talk about love, but they talk about friendship. only incubus could think of it.

We all have a weakness | Reviewer: Danny | 10/1/07

Not many songs will tell you that. You can listen to other bands that talk about themselves or sex or drugs or whatever. When songs like this tell people the reality of the world and things in the world, its a revelation in itself.

we all have a weakness, no doubt about it

I'm moved again | Reviewer: John | 9/30/07

Not since Incubus'song Drive have I made such an effort to learn all a song's lyrics. The song moves me so much that I turn it up really loud and sing it over at least three times.

Sweet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/07

I really like the song Dig from the moment I 1st heard it. It reminds of everything that me and my hubby are going through. We just lost so much with in the last couple of months, but we still have each other. This song is a perfect reflection of what we have gone through.

Oh, yeah. | Reviewer: Jen Vicious | 9/11/07

This song helps me and my fiance get through hard times of fighting. Incubus has no idea how much they helped us =]

to a song with meaning like no other | Reviewer: Michael Burruano | 9/10/07

dig by incubus is my favorite song of all time.PERIOD. just recently i have lost a friend of many years, whom of which i loved and cared for very much. We've had so many expieriences together,both good and bad. and in a matter of moments, it was all gone. after this happend, i was in a state of emotional numbness. i can't begin to describe how horrible it felt. this song hit home so much i couldn't take it though. it was pretty much a description of what i wanted to tell her, to make everything right again. incubus is more than a band, they are a phenomena like no other. they have taken music to a whole new deminsion.and just a word for the band, i would like to say that i can't begin to thank you enough for your songs emotional support. it helped me dearly.

Never knew the lyrics | Reviewer: Djo | 9/10/07

As a guitarist & songwriter, I've always thought these guys were pretty awesome. But now that I read these lyrics, wow. Man- how eloquently put, how eloquently put. This one's a keeper, I think I'll learn it for my next gig. :)

raw and uncut | Reviewer: devious | 9/9/07

I love this song, becuase it is so real. We all suffer from one addiction a another, yet we all have to keep in mind that it is not the end of the world. sometimes you find all the support that you need in the people that you would least expect. My brother dedicated this song to me, I am not ashamed to say that I am an addict. I am very proud to say that it music like this that helps me stay clean and sober, even if it is one day at a time.

Timeless | Reviewer: Jeff | 9/6/07

I've always thought that Incubus was one of the most diverse and talented bands I've heard. There is so much more to these guys than meets the eye. Great composition, lyrics, harmony and vocals on this track!

so good | Reviewer: Jen | 9/6/07

i love this song. i saw them live a few days ago and even in the heat, they still gave me goose bumbs. i can listen to this one over and over again. the words are so meaningful and can be applied to so many different situations. LOVE IT!

this song is amazing! | Reviewer: taylor | 9/3/07

so i love this song and not to long ago i got this idea that when i get married i want to dance a solo...yes iam a dancer and its a big part of my life and my boyfriends we plan on getting married in the next 2 years so i just randomly got this idea and this is going to be the song i dance to! it has such a great meaning and we are always there for eachother!

amazinggg. | Reviewer: meghan | 9/2/07

this song will probably always be my took me a while to realize what the lyrics meant...but now that i know them i fell in love with it all over again.

best song | Reviewer: Crystal | 8/29/07

i love this song soo much...i heard my boyfriend play it a few times but i never really listened to the lyrics till today when i put the cd on...i fell in love with it...i know when we get married this will be the song i play for our first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Richards...the song is soo different then all of their other music...i like all of their music but this is my FAVORITE by far...i cry when i listen to it...i can't get enough of it...i listen to it over and over :D

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