Overall meaning | Reviewer: Joe Ogoley | 7/29/14

I think that the meaning can be transferred to any situation but he is clearly talking about a guy unless he is thinking about hitting a woman. "Blood in my mouth, beats blood on the ground". I came here to learn what low twos were, so i felt it necessary to leave my little bit as well.

Fits perfectly | Reviewer: Amama | 9/2/13

I recently just had an argument with my boyfriend and all I could think about while talking to him was the chorus of this song 'cause I was getting so angry and everything that came out of my mouth just made things worse. When I thought that things were getting better, we just went into a deeper argumet. It was awful and this song just describes it perfectly.

well | Reviewer: NoName | 3/14/11

again. low twos is the reverse peace sign. so it would basically mean: no more peace with you.
and for Sam: it doesn`t necessarily have to be about a significant other, it can be a friend or ANYONE you used to be close to, but then realized that the person has changed. or that you finally opened your eyes.

Really you guys? | Reviewer: sam | 3/11/11

Sorry but simply said, this song is about none of these these things. Its about breaking up with your significant other and when you see her out, instead of verbally lashing out at her (esp when she does stupid shit) you bite your tongue instead because the reward for silence tastes better kept inside. Think about it.

Low twos? | Reviewer: Sherry | 10/4/10

I f'ing love this song and have since the first time I heard it. It really fits now in my life for what's going on, too so I sing it screaming meaning every word towards this person. But, I just wanted to know what 'low twos to you' means?

thankyou. | Reviewer: jam | 8/5/10

ryan, i completly agree with you. this song is amazing. have you ever had a song that just expresses exactly what you're feeling? this is it for me. i tried so hard, and ended up with nothing but a lesson learned.

YES RYAN | Reviewer: chickaboom | 7/6/10

definitely agree with Ryan on this one....this song is about someone who knows just how to hook you (fake grin) and as soon as you give in by sharing your deep feelings for them they get all wishy washy (fickle friend)and let you down. And your done with it...and you wont ever share those feelings with them again even though you still hold them... Youre just done sacrificing yourself.

lady | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/10

awesome song!!
...the fact that the song is about holding in your true feelings, which is love, instead of not letting them out is expressed by the lyric "blood in my mouth beats blood on the ground"...blood symbolizing the wasted emotions that you dont want the other person or everyone else to see.

:-) | Reviewer: Ryan | 8/6/09

Rather than being around someone you can't stand, i think (and this is just my personal interpretation) that this is more about someone who always had the power to pull you in, yet everytime led you to disappointment, and now you are fed up, but still don't want to say everything you are feeling about them because something inside still wants the relationship with that person.

ALWAYS | Reviewer: JPS | 1/11/09

This song is very poetic. They do not have a have a song that isn't. A crow left of the murder is an album about feeling ostracized. Make yourself is about self-liberation. It goes on and on. Just listen to the lyrics they make the music even better.

simple poetic beauty... | Reviewer: jbandy | 1/17/08

Love Incubus... LOVE Brandon Boyd!! Every song that he writes is just amazing. He makes lyrical expression seem so flippin simple. I can only dream of ever being able to communicate my emotions so perfectly. The lyrics could completely stand alone but luckily we get to experience them with the input of an amazing band as well... I've never heard another group that could compliment each other so well and I don't think I ever will. Thank you, Incubus, for giving such a huge part of yourselves to the world. Feels good to be understood...

excellente | Reviewer: sl | 11/25/07

Yeah i saw them play a few eeks ago and they played this. it was slightly unexpected but was definately the highlight of an otherwise brilliant concert. They have to be the most clear yet poetic yet angry lyrics ive come across

The Art in Truth | Reviewer: Katt | 11/1/07

WE all know someone like this...that u just cant stand to be around! and they captured that feeling amazingly!!!I love the funk influence in the bridge. the lyrics are amazing and the tune very original! Amazing song by an amazing band!

Good! | Reviewer: Bell | 5/4/07

Some of the best lyrics ever! This is the first time I've actually looked them up even though I've been listening to it for many years. Incubus has always been a band thats lyrics have been hard for me to decipher. I always kinda put a meaning of my own in (where I don't understand what is said), but when I look them they are always so much better than what I thought. Just supurb!