Whoa!!! | Reviewer: Jared | 2/28/13

In my personal opinion, this is hands down one of the greatest songs that Incubus has ever recorded. The guys might have been young at the time, but dear Athena! I only wish the band still had just as much kinetic energy as they did in the past...

Genious | Reviewer: Alyssa Barnett | 6/15/10

Anyone who can think of lyrics like this has some serious talent. The thing about Incubus is that every single one of them have outrageous talent...I mean Brandon clearly kills it on the vocals and he is a true singer...not like a lot of the bands out there who just choose a random lead singer who can't sing at all...and Mike is one of the greatest guitar players ever. They are a band that is even better live than they are on their records which is so rare and amazing. They are also a band that seems to get better and better over the years...even when you think they can't get any better they do. They are all true musicians and one of the only bands around today that are truly amazing. I absolutley love Incubus.

So much fun! | Reviewer: Miria | 2/7/09

I totally love this song! It puts a huge smile on my face whenever I listen! I love Brandon's delivery. He uses that insanely good voice of his like an instrument, and I really believe he could do anything with it. This band is fantastic!

so cool!! | Reviewer: cArLa | 12/14/07

Yeap, i was watching the accoustic session and i realized that even when brandon forgot the lyrics it was such a great performance!! i loved it all, but this song amazes me for its well thought and yet really fun lyrics!! kudos!!

Azwethinkweizm | Reviewer: Dannathrik | 10/14/07

Damnit this song is amazing! It's like, this amazing flurry of thoughts that only the band could think up! I LOVE INCUBUS!!!

P.S. Brandon forgetting the words to Azwethinkweiz during an acoustic session, and yet the performance of it is still amazing XD GENIOUS!

incubiotic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/07

"Some think I'm insane
'cause I think about the other thing
than that one thought you call reality"

:D genious song of the best band ever ^^

AzwethinkweSHROOM | Reviewer: Austin | 1/6/05

this song is fucking amazing...its so ridiculously original and true. we are who we think we "IZ"! i figured this out while shroomin (even tho i heard this song after i ever shroomed)...but yeah either way...this song is fucking crazy awesome...and so fun to sing!!

mantasic | Reviewer: Meghan Bustamante | 10/22/04

This song is so freakin old! Brandon wrote it when he was 18 YEARS OLD!! that's a long time ago. it's such a fun song to sing. Especially when he says, "so i think upon the ponder while i'm pondering thought".. lol.. its kewl.. and then that fart noise he makes. lol.. classic.

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