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Performed by Incubus

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simply beautiful | Reviewer: daniella | 11/3/12

i was searching on google 'rock' songs that had strings. For some reason aqueous transmission was on there. I had a listen. At first I thought it was alright. Second, and third, got a little better. ever since, it has been my favourite song It is so peaceful and great to close your eyes to, expecially when you are on a long car journey and looking out at the country side, it make you feel very spiritual, like you are floating down the river. I also find that both interpretations of the lyrics I can relate to. Overall it is a beautiful song and I've heard nothing like it before. The ice is getting thinner- death cab for cutie- gives a slightly similar vibe so yeah give it a go, but in my opinion not n the same league. great song. great voice!! :')

Break | Reviewer: Laura Kush | 2/9/12

I always loved this song, but now placed in the situation I'm in, I've found a new meaning for it.To me, its about 2 lovers that love each other so much, but they must part, or go on break or something of that sort. And he's saying that without his lover, his emotions are hurting and he doesn't know how much he can take ; "Will I make it back to shore or will I drift into the unknown?" But then he's saying , maybe they can meet again and things will be great and they can share their experiences that they had away from each other.

:] | Reviewer: :] | 1/9/12

i listened to this song in a very...elevated mental state and realized that this song seems like a very passionate love song. it used to make me feel completely relaxed, but now it fills me with love

Zen | Reviewer: Drew | 1/19/11

This song is one of those songs that is not like any other on the Make Yourself album. Incubus is so good and making a new sound on every album and even within the album.

I love listening to this song while laying in bed staring at the ceiling. Makes you feel so happy about where you are in that moment. Not looking to the past or thinking about the future....Zen

Not A Word...... | Reviewer: Ruben | 12/26/10

There is not a word to describe this song. I have it on my play list towards the very end and save it for the last few miles of my run or ride. It relaxes me and sets me in a positive mental state which creates a vivid picture of me standing still and seeing the world run through me. I love this song. Thank you Incubus!

woah. | Reviewer: katlyn | 11/30/10

this song is one of my very favorites from any band. Incubus is simply amazing in the way that they can do a song that saounds like this and then have funk sounding songs like off of "fungus amongus" to the sound like in "pardon me". They are amazing and this song is just... Beautiful:)

Pipa | Reviewer: Chris | 8/27/10

From WikiPedia:

'The final song, "Aqueous Transmission", employs the use of Chinese instruments such as the Pipa and is accompanied by a Japanese orchestra. The Pipa used on the recording was given to Mike Einziger from Steve Vai, who also helped him develop the main riff to "Echo." "Aqueous Transmission" is 7 minutes and 46 seconds long, with the last minute consisting of frogs croaking outside the studio in Malibu. Lead vocalist Brandon Boyd says that the purpose of the song was to make "the listener pee in his/her pants" from relaxation.'

Never the less this song is amazing and a perfect metaphor of love and missing the one you love, imo...

A beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/10

one of most relaxing songs i have ever really get a relaxing vibe from the music and the lyrics...the instruments used are actually a mix of both Chinese and Japanese...the main instrument is Chinese, its called a "Pipa" and the background music done by a Japanese orchestra...ITS NOT A SITAR...Cheers!!!

Instrumentation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/09

The instrument being played is a kokyū that Incubus borrowed from Steve Vai. This is a Japanese, not Chinese, instrument. It is not a sitar-for those interested in Incubus's use of the sitar consult the track "Make Yourself" of the album of the same name.

the instrument in the song.. | Reviewer: jomar | 11/16/09

Love this song. it's so calm and it's one of those songs that I can never tire of.
by the way, the instrument used in this song is called a pipa - it's Chinese. the one used in this song actually belongs to Steve Vai; he lent it to the band for this song.

Awesome song | Reviewer: doubled | 10/12/09

This is a great song, Incubus are amazing, and for those of you fighting about the instrument used, it's a koto, but for any guitarists out there who want to imitate it, a nice trick is playing right at the bridge on an acoustic, gives the same effect as long as you have strong fingers =).

most relaxing song ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/09

this song is the perfect song to listen to if you just wanna close your eyes and relax
and someone said that the instrument was indian and not chinese well theyre wrong because my sister had to do an oral report on ancient china so she had this song playing in the backround

Oh dear, it's Incubus once more. | Reviewer: jonallinyang | 7/29/09

Incubus is one of those bands who likes to do things they certainly love. They love experimenting with their music and I bet this is one of the reasons why they always have that distinct sound.

I miss SCIENCE so much, best album so far. Bring back the dreadlock days!!!

Devil's Little Brother | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/09

I don't know much about those instruments but I think it's a pipa and not a sitar - which would make the influence chinese...
Anyway, I love this song.
First time I heard it I was distracted and thought nothing of it.
But when I started to listen to it more often and closely I discovered that this is one of the most beautiful, soothing and peaceful songs I'ver heard.

This is the kind of song you wanna listen to when you're laying somwhere - preferably in the sun - with your eyes closed... to let your mind slip away.

just love it | Reviewer: barbie | 4/1/09

this song is so amazing... at first i was not crazy about it but when i gave it a chance i realized how spectacular it is.. brandons voice the melody everything is just so perfectly accomplished.... this one was a friend´s favorite song, and he passed away, so every time i listen to it i can feel he is floating down a peaceful place, it is so inspiring that i can really feel it.

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