Love Love Love Incubus | Reviewer: Cindy | 5/31/12

They are such instrumental and lyrical craftsmen... they ditch the typical songwriter's cliches and put new twists in their lyrics and in the layering of their instrumentation and vocals. I find myself marveling at the way they manage to express things in a new way, and therefore, with a bit more clarity. xoxo I hope they'll always be so clever, true and authentic!

To the annonymous poster before last | Reviewer: Lauren | 9/25/11

You are entitled to your own opinion, but don't ruin it for everyone. I admit, not all of the songs have meanings, they do have talent. There is always room to improve. Give them a chance. They might not be the BEST, but they have potential for high quality. Please think of others. Your lucky i am stronger then my boyfriend. He would be cussing you out on here. But i can fight him off. I'd prefer he didn't anger anybody.

I have never seen anything like this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/10

In regards to the post below, you are entitled to your opinion. That been said, I didn't think it would be possible to find someone who knows how to spell however, but thinks good is spelled gud. I have always thrown around the term quasi-literate, but this poster has completely reset that bar to a previously infathomable low.

incubus is shit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/10

incubus is shit. all of u fans of them out there aree shit too., thyr songs r crap. they hv totally no meaning AT ALL. however, the only gud thng abt the band is that they r all awesome musicians- esp brandon. hs voice in live performnces r rily gud n similiar to the real thng. hs voice nvr cracks too. not one bit. he's a real pro. but hs songwriting skill r really bad. however, thums up for thyr gud song melodies n stuf.

Raw and powerful | Reviewer: Miria | 2/7/09

This song has such incredible power and pure, raw energy, it just sweeps me away. It's quite a feat when a song can be both moving and totally kick-ass at the same time. Incubus makes it look easy!

This song is AWSOME! | Reviewer: Reaper | 12/8/07

Incubus is just an all around great band, but this song is by far there best, (in my opinion) and it really speaks to me.

Incubus rocks!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: ****courtney**** | 11/19/07

Basically incubus kiks all other bands asses so i dont want no lip!!! And those of you who say you dont know them, well i just cant look at you......

is ANOMALY | Reviewer: cecii_apc | 8/14/07

I picture your face at the back of my eyes
A fire in the attic a proof of the prize
Anomaly, Anomaly, Anomaly
I'm calling your name up into the air,
not one of the others could ever compare!
Anomaly, Anomaly.

Is a Words Game , cya

The Hits just keep on coming!!!!! | Reviewer: Mark | 2/14/07

Every song that Incubus releases are their best songs. Some bands release songs that are radio friendly, but Incubus always puts the good songs out there for us to here, and they turn out to be their better songs. This song is a great example of their continuing success!