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Performed by Incubus

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.. | Reviewer: Eon_ycd | 12/19/11

simply this song is about a man who woke up and think of all the things he already thrown or about to be thrown away.. by the end of the day he wants the things he had already thrown away

man v. self | Reviewer: Lizz | 8/5/10

this song is obviously about conflict. his days starts by being woken by the garbage truck and he thinks about what he's "thrown away" (i.e person in question) then he feels conflicted because he starts to regret it and wants to try again. the person he's referring to is indecisive as well. its like they're both half-hearted in it but i got the feeling he was more in it than she was which is why he ended it. He says then again, then again, Then again, you're always first when no one's on your side
But, then again, a day will come when I want off that ride.
i took that as he's done with this on-off between them and theyre both unsure about everything which is a sign its not going to work. Brings me back to the beg when he says " The credits traverse, signifying the end
But I missed the best part.
Could we please go back to start?
Forgive my indecision " they both know its over he cant do it any longer its not fair to either but then he thinks maybe something could've been different or good. I also felt like he was longing for her presence and the good times they shared. He wants so badly to believe theres something there and it could work but he knows its not going to. He's scared about them being over because he misses her and everything about her but he is trying to move on while doing so he still wants her. Its very complicated and conflicting for him. I also felt like he could have her back whenever and they've done this a few times before already.. he's worried about not being able to get her back then again it needs to be over. Its not fair what they are doing to each other and deep down he knows he wont want her forever in the end as much as he does long for her sometimes

Luv BB | Reviewer: Steff | 7/29/10

Personally, I think this song is about indesicion, of weather he should or should not be with someone.
I believe he apreciates this person, and gives her a lot of value, but somehow, that's is not enough. He has dumped her before, and by the end of the song, he dumps her again.
I think he is talking about a girl who is always there for him, but not in a complete good kinda way. She is the one who he turns to when he is lonely, when he broke up with someone and needs company, for example. I think the problem is that she is always there for him, becasue she is in love with him, and he regrets the fact that he is not.
Thus, he knows that by having her, he is just having a good time. But she wants more than that, and eventhough he tries, he cannot give her more, because he doesn't feel it.
He feels bad because he is kinda using her, and she lets him do that.
He has this doubt, almost a spiritual wondering of why he cannot love her if she is nice and good to him... It sounds like it would solve him a lot of problems... that's why he says "Then again, Then again, Then again, you're always first when no one's on your side
But, then again, a day will come when I want off that ride".
Like, "I know that I'll meet someone and I'll dump you, because I don't love you. I'm sorry for doing this to you over and over again"

cheese | Reviewer: Johan | 6/29/10

this is not that difficult.
he is a man, he wants several partners, yet there is this one who keeps haunting him since every time he breaks up with her he ends up taking her back.
forgive my indesicion even though he still wants off that ride he still wants her to stay by his side.

It was Difficult | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/10

well, when i'm listen this music I think about everything in my life, the things horribles about my family and my relationship whit my boyfriend.
About, one/two years ago i cout myself, it was horrible but it makes me fell so well, was like a punech to me. And this music makes me remaind all of this things. Is the first time a talk about this, and I have to thanks to incubus because them were a big help.

Agreed | Reviewer: meganlomaniac | 2/14/10

Yes it is Valentines day, Incubus Discography day. Brandon Boyd is my valentine. Anyways, I agree with most of you on here with how the speaker is unsure about being in a relationship with someone that made a big mistake. My boyfriend was the only love of my life and he left me for my best friend but I took him back after and now I keep wanting him so badly but also want to push him away. I am torn. Another song by Incubus that goes along with this in my opinion is Oil and Water. Check that shit out guys.

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/10

This song made me decide to get in a relationship because I saw the regret he felt at the end of the song. I was debating the same things. I've been dating this girl for a while now and things are fabulous. Glad I listened to it.

Thoughts | Reviewer: Trey | 8/29/09

Just a thought, but maybe the song is about the speaker getting caught cheating on their loved ones, rather than breaking up. The "forgive my indecision" being more about who they are with rather than if they are with one person or not. It seems to work either way.

My two cents. | Reviewer: Moe. | 2/14/09

"Seven am;
The garbage truck beeps as it backs up
And I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away.
Could I push rewind?
The credits traverse, signifying the end
But I missed the best part.
Could we please go back to start?
Forgive my indecision"

At the begining of his/her dilemma, our speaker reflects on a decision he/she made to end a relationship. Evidently, he/she regrets the decision he/she has made, wishing to "rewind" and "go back to start". He/she wishes to be forgiven for his/her "indecision", having once thought and acting upon a feeling to end a relationship, but wanting anything other than outcome of acting upon that feeling. Our speaker is marking himself/herself as indecisive, recognizing and disliking the fact that he/she wants to be with this other person, but doesn't, but does, but doesn't...

"Then again, you're always first when no one's on your side"

In response to his/her indecisiveness, he/she reflects on the nature of a single man/woman - always wanting and wishing for the comfort of a relationship while single, but when found with another person to call your own, getting cold feet.

Our speaker continues, "but, then again, a day will come when I want off that ride."

He/she knows that eventually he/she will crave, need, and require the security of something permanent.

"Eleven am,
By now you would think that I would be up
But my bedsheets shade the heat of choices I've made"

I am making an inference, but it seems our speaker has sexually dabbled with people other than the person of his/her real affection for reasons that remain insignificant. Alcohol? Drugs? Loneliness? I don't know.

"And what did I find?
I never thought I could want someone so much
'Cause now you're not here and I'm knee deep in that old fear.
Forgive my indecision... I am only a man."

After his/her sexploartions, our speaker has found that he wants his/her real lover more than anything. Again, he asks to be forgiven for his indecision, for he is only but a member of the human specie.

"Twelve pm and my dusty telephone rings.
Heavy head up from my pillow, who could it be?
I hope its you."

The ending of the song lets the listener know that at the end of the day, the speaker wants to be with this other person, regardless of his/her doubt and indecision.

But, who knows, really?

This is just simply what I gather from the words in question.

Perceptive song! | Reviewer: Miria | 2/12/09

I totally agree with Anonymous from 8?26/07 about what the song means. He is feeling very conflicted about his decision, missing her, wanting her back-- but then reminding himself of the reason(s) he walked away in the first place. Love isn't simple. It's messy and complicated and it's not always easy to know your own mind. And we are often our own worst enemies where love is concerned, making bad choices and putting up with all sorts of painful shit for way too long. But by the end of the song, he knows he has made the right decision for himself, painful and difficult though it definitely is: "The day HAS come and I want off that ride." Brilliant song, brilliant lyrics-- so evocative and honest!

Lyrics | Reviewer: Sarah | 12/8/08

I actually always had a different idea for what the lyrics "Then again, you're always first when no one's on your side
But, then again, a day will come when I want off that ride." meant.

I always looked at it as, when you are single, you can do whatever you want. You are free. But that will get old and you start to see how lonely that "ride" is... So the day will come when he is done being self centered, and want to be with someone.

That is why I like when he changes the words around, showing the day has come, and he does want off that single tracked "ride".

Just how I always viewed it.

A fickle gentleman. | Reviewer: Anony | 9/18/08

I think this song is about a guy who broke up with a girl only to find her living out the best days of her life with other guys. But when she finds herself alone, she resorts back to him.

He desires her when she's not around, but her return changes his mind.

A Day Has Come | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/08

Incubus always has the greatest metaphors I've heard in any songs. They're simple yet meaningful in ways no one else could think of.

"The garbage truck beeps as it back up
and I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away"
We've all woken up to the screaming of the truck in the early morning. The things we throw away, for the speaker, is something he's tried to put behind him. Something right off the start reminds him of all he's tried to "throw away".

Small things like these truly drive an emotion through, not to mention the awesome band who performs it.
The only band that even compares to the powerful metaphors of Incubus would have to be the mighty Shinedown.

"I hope it's you..."

Top five, in no particular order:

11am -Incubus
Forget It -Breaking Benjamin
Cadence of her Last Breath - Nightwish
Stand here with Me -Creed
Seven -Revis

Check em out, folks. Well worth it.

agreed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/07

when i first heard this song i dident think much of it, but when you hear it over and over again you pick up on something, this song hit me hard when i heard it again, ive been with this girl for a while and when we split it got me, to me when brandon says " your always first when no one is beside you" i think it applies to both the guy and the girl. natuarly when you have a relationship with somewone you tend to put that person first, but in this verse she dident have him as one of her prioreties. it was just her, now i say it like it was her because thats how i understod it. and as the song contenues you can tell that hes getting use to it, he just has regrets, we all do, and at the end of the song hes made his choise, hes done, these guys write more then just music with beats, they play music thats meaningful and touches the truth about life. thats what i think

I agree "What I think it means" person | Reviewer: Jess | 12/4/07

Yeah, to me this is a song of great deliberation and indecision - it's not so much about the actual relationship than the choice he has to make about whether or not he wants to be "back in the ride" so to speak.

In the beginning, it is obvious he wishes to try over, but as the song continues, we can see he thinks that she must always be right, even when no one backs her up:-
"Then again, you're always first when no one's on your side"
As the song progresses, so does time and so does his feeling of helplessness and loss:-
"By now you would think that I would be up
But my bedsheets shade the heat of choices I've made
I never thought I could want someone so much"
Perhaps he is afraid of being alone again, left without someone to help him make his choices and decisions in life.

Each verse shows a deeper side to his longing, whereas the chorus indicates his feelings of inadaquecy and indecision.
This sense of juxtaposition in the song shows Boyd's depth of understanding about what a relationship can do to you when it ends.

At the end, we are left with the most powerful of messages in the song, and it's simply by changing 'will' to 'has' and 'when' to 'and'.
These are definite words, and imply that he has finally made his desicion - he can't be in a relationship with the significant other.

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