Intense. | Reviewer: Lee Devlin | 2/3/10

I've been into InMe for about 6 years now, I have all of there albums and singles. Overgrown Eden is without a doubt my most favourite album of all time, Every song on that album is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately in my opinion they lost alot of appeal with White Butterfly, With every album since Overgrown Eden they've tried to show mature music. Unfortunately the 'immaturity' of Overgrown Eden was what made them unique to me, They had an explosive energy about there music. Don't get me wrong, I adore Daydream Anonymous and Herald Moth, but for me it's not on the same level as Overgrown Eden, and none of the singles have the same effect as 'Neptune' or 'Crushed Like Fruit'... But they are definetly still an amazing band, Dave's vocals will never be beaten, he puts so much thought and feeling into his lyrics.
Amazing band, hope they revert to there old style for some future songs/albums.


Inme-still got what it takes! | Reviewer: Tabby | 7/2/07

I have been a fan of Inme's for about 2 years now and I find their music incredibly unique and inspiring not to mention jam-packed with technical and musicial devices and influeneces.
I saw them play astoria 2005 and they were utterly amazing-by the far the best live gig i have ever seen-true talent in whipping up the crowds into a moshing frenzy and at other times a poignant and touching melodies.
keep up the good work despite joe morgans leaving-ure new stuff is great and seems heavier but will never forget the classics such as the early overgrown eden records.
awe-inspirirng-well worth going to see or look up if got time, will make your day and perhaps even ure year!

Inme are amazing | Reviewer: Steph | 4/25/05

I've seen inme 16 times now so i no that they are a bloody good band. Overgrown eden is an amazing album and i am eagerly awaiting their second album 'white butterfly'. Look out for their new release 7 weeks. Its sure to be amazing!!!!!

Inme not just pretty faces | Reviewer: Christy Rathbone | 1/10/05

I've Seen INME live With all 3 being fhotthey all hav loads of talent They will go far Overgrown Eden is a brilliant album .Aswel as putting effort into their songs the crowd could realy feel the emotion and the amount of loyal teens queing outside to see their favourite band for afew hours me being one of them it was totaly worth it.Bring on the next tour!i'm sure white Butterfly will be the ame .After all the label trouble they wnt through and the long awaited White Butterfly will soon be out im sure its gonna be good !!
They are the new biggest thing that you DON'T want to miss out on!Good luck to them the mager break through that we all needed and are showing young as well as old that they can do it!!!!
Add me if your a fan !!!!