AMAZING!!!! | Reviewer: Robert | 3/23/09

Been a fan of In This Moment since they started on mySpace. have both their studio albums and think they are 2 of the greatest albums I have ever heard. The song The Promise:Into The Light is a very deep and heartfelt song that only Maria Brink could sing as beautifully as she does. Keep up the amazing work and continue to put out amazing albums!!!

In This Moment is insanely fucking awesome | Reviewer: alanna | 10/4/08

In this moment just lets the truth out and makes me hyper everytime i listen to it Maria OMG she is so fucking amazing her voice is like one of a kind and the the guitars are just... just... theres no words that can describe it i LOVE them so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In This Moment kicks ass!! | Reviewer: Beth | 7/2/08

In This Moment ROCKS! they're awesome. they're totally original. They sound like no one else. Which is one of the reasons I love them so much. Maria's vocals are amazing. The way she switches it on and off like that is really awesome. No one can do it like she does. Those lyrics are so inspirational and powerful. And the music... WOW. those guitars are unbelievable! Can't get enough of In This Moment!

Never heard anything Like it before | Reviewer: Tara | 9/18/07

I think Maria's music comes from the heart and the fact she is a girl and she can change her voice like that, being able to scream that way. I've never heard any girl besides the singer Kittie sing like that and honestly to me Maria sings better than she does, my three favorite songs by In This Moment would have to be beautiful Tragedy and Daddy's little Angel and This Moment.....So I just wanted to say I like this music and this band because I believe in it and I feel their music comes form the heart.......