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Performed by In Flames

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touched | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/11

Even though the song is heavier and less melodic than most In Flames, (and I'm irritated he does a metalcore scream on the chorus instead of the badass deep growl he does for the chorus live), this is lyrically one of my favorite In Flames songs.

Yeah, this is probably the one song that expresses the feelings you get when your friends shift away from you because they're not comfortable with who they are. I mean a lot of people have felt that, they really are becoming an outsider as their friends get closer to each other but you, forgetting who you are. Then one day they come crawling back, because you stayed on the right path. After all, it's really easy to just label someone, but when you press further you realize they don't have a reason, they can't really say why they're judging, and maybe they don't want to, maybe they'll realize they're not any better. So they don't. I guess this just kind of builds up over time and you can't handle it, what do you do? Do you try to fight them and make them see the world right? Do you let those friends who turned you into an outsider back into your life and help turn the tide of the uncaring judgementalness the world is drifting towards in the callous modern society? Or do you run from it all because you just can't deal with that any more and live life for yourself, maybe more alone than you'd like, away from who you'd rather leave behind?

This is why I love In Flames, I hope everyone else sees this and understands the beauty of these lyrics.

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