Reviews for Embody The Invisible Lyrics

Performed by In Flames

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I find it sad that there's only two, let's make it three | Reviewer: Lowman | 11/17/2007

Your right about the vocals. they seemed to capture what I love about them alot back in the day. And that was just with the music and the old vocals. I found these guys one some really old mp3 site with some really bad copies of Jester Race songs. When I bought this album, I was blown away. This one especially. Sad thing is that There's more reviews on the new stuff. I'd want to make more money too though...

In Flames | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/2006

This is possibly the greatest band in the world and this has got the greatest chorus ever. Great riffs, monsterously good vocals (unlike the current In Flames with the screaming), pounding drumming and very highly melodic and God-like. !

Review: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/2005

Its a great song with a wicked guitar riff

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