Reviews for Dead End (Featuring Lisa Miskovsky) Lyrics

Performed by In Flames

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amazing | Reviewer: ap0calypse | 10/19/2007

this is an amazing song, Lisa Miskovsky's voice fits perfectly in this song.

- almost all the great metal bands come from Norway, Sweden or Finland (e.g. In Flames, H.I.M., At The Gates, Therion, Gorgoroth, ...)
with some exeptions of course :D

Kikass duet | Reviewer: Marc | 3/10/2006

Anders crazy screams with lizaz melodik voice , pounding guitars and a drum roll from doom , this song kiks ass !... The firt time i heard this song i tought In Flames went soft , but after a few listening , ull agree with me , its not their heavier song , but its one of their best for sure!!! Its my favorate on Come clarity!

AWESOME! | Reviewer: InkarnitGuitars | 2/10/2006

Another great song by In Flames. Kind of has an Evanescence sound to it.

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