Reviews for Clad In Shadows Lyrics

Performed by In Flames

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In Flames we trust! | Reviewer: Sheldon | 4/14/10

Outstanding song, the guy is a lyrical genius. I don't think I've come across a single In Flames song that I didn't like. I just hope they don't go fully mainstream, seeing as that is usually a band's downfall. In Flames we trust!

nice song | Reviewer: Kevin | 10/16/07

I like the old In Flames better than the new one, and I that's why I liked records such as Lunar Strain and Jester Race. The sound is different and so is the voice.. Truly, good records are being made by In Flames. Even though I like the new experimental sound, I will surely continue to buy all of their albums, cause they are one of my favourite bands.

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