i nearly cried!!! | Reviewer: Tameka Wild | 8/11/07

when i first herd this song i thought of all the people that have had a hard life and never gotten over it!!

it also made me think about my parents and how much they love me and that i dont resect the things that they do for me!!!

i found out that we where moving away from my home town and that where we are moving to is very far away from the place that i love!!!
i will miss all fo my friends and family that live here!!
we now live in Rochester <victoria> and it is a shit hole!!

we aer moving to perth <westen Australia> and that is like the best place ever there is hot surfers and every thing that you could wish for except the people that you love!!!

touching | Reviewer: Jamie | 8/2/07

this reminds me so much of the struggle with my best friend going away next year..its life

true love | Reviewer: christina | 7/30/07

this song is so sad and beautiful. It makes me think of first love and the problems that happen in life
always and forever xx's

. | Reviewer: nommme | 7/27/07

i really like this song! it will always be one of my favourites! this song has a really sad memory to it and the lyrics hold a really strong meaning! xx

idk | Reviewer: Jessica | 7/26/07

this song is really really good. whenever i hear it it makes me think about the O.C when marissa is dying. I wish the O.C. didn't end it was the best series ever.

speeding cars | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/07

Miss you Amy. This was Amy's Myspace profile song when she died in a car accident. This song will forever be about Amy to so many of us.

anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/07

the first time i heard this song was on the o.c. when really the episode is sad because marissa dies and the music of this song is just amazing and goes well with the show.

on another hand the lyrics arent about the same thing, but the music itself was amazing for it. and now that i read the lyrics they are amazing too.

aww | Reviewer: lisaa | 7/22/07

i love imogen heap. ive been in love with hide'n'seek for sooo long. this is now my myspace song!

Speeding Cars : reveiw | Reviewer: lotty | 7/21/07

i thought it was excellent i have been a fan of Imogen Heap for a long time and singing the lirics whilst it playing in the background is beautiful makes me want to cry :]

Brilliance! | Reviewer: Bree | 7/18/07

I've been a fan of Frou Frou and Imogen Heap for awhile and this song is beautiful.
The lyrics are pure brilliance and her voice is as soft as the spring flowers that bloom in every year<3