This song is so sweet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/07

Ive been an Imogen Heap fan for a While (with frou frou and their album Details) I love this song it is a beautiful tribute song. I think it is saying that It is ok to make mistakes and you don't have to go crazy if you do make one because we all do, It is a part of life.

Music from The O.C. | Reviewer: Alex | 7/13/07

I hear the song first in the greatest teenage movie The O.C.
I would like to know you because you look nice person!
Ufkorse you thig "Yeah,right"
I love this fraze "it's in the ABC of growing up"
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really sad | Reviewer: sarah | 7/10/07

oh god I'm in love with this song, there's no doubt! I don't quite understand the lyrics, but that dont matter.. still in love :)

other song | Reviewer: chris | 7/9/07

theres another really good song called hide and seek its not as good as this one but still good

Hmmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/07

I'm a bit sad about the's really cool but really sad because marissa dies and it kinda loses the aim of the story which is put ryan together with marissa but oh well...its a good series and what can i say? im addicted...

more than just the oc | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/07

this song was played by many in remembrance of a girl who was killed racing cars where i live last year.

she was only a teenager..

this song brings tears to my eyes as well as many others..

big kudos to imogen heap for thinking of these sad but in a way satisfying lyrics.

speeding cars | Reviewer: katrina | 7/1/07

i love this song. i never knew it exsisted, though ever since ive heard it i can get it out of my head. its amazing, but i dont quite understand the lyrics, i still love it. (: anyone wanna explain ? lol thanks!

Wow | Reviewer: briggi | 6/28/07

I found this on myb sisters myspace and i robbed it its is so good i love it sooooooo much imogen heap is sooo good i love this song

Speeding Cars | Reviewer: Larnie | 6/26/07

I'm not a huge fan of imogen heap..

The first time i heard this song was through a tribute to mathew stanley, a young teenaged boy who had died after a party, as he was beaten up..

You may have seen news reports of this incedence,

I've loved this song ever since and have cryed everytime i hear it

R.I.P Matt

g r e a t | Reviewer: j├Ązmine | 6/26/07

wow ... this song is amazing, and it reminds me of oc ! * soo sad * :(
.. i love this song =)