cheating | Reviewer: Ivy | 1/31/09

i definitely hear cheating in this... but i think she's forgiving him "it was a long time ago, and it's okay by me" and "you know i love you" it's saying that sometimes mistakes can be over-looked and it's worth staying with that person

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/09

ive already written a review for this song, but i feel like writing about it forever! i love it sooo much! i dont even know what to say, but..yeaa..
beautiful lyrics, beautiful unique artist :) i dont think anyone doesnt like this song. i actually sat reading like 15 pages of comments because i love knowing what other people think of this song. its such a great song because everyone can refer to it. everyone has problems; its unfortunately a part of life. i always think im the only one with problems but thats not true at all. i currently have tears in my eyes.. :( well..advice to everyone: never think too low of yourself. love life for what it is. dont ever give up becuase everone is going through the same thing (i should probably use this advice myself..) :( :)..

Song meaning? | Reviewer: madelyn | 1/27/09

I think its someone watching a person getting hurt by relationships and then just giving up. Maybe from the view of the girlfriend, after gettign cheated on. SHe Still l"oves him yet," adn it was a :long time ago" so shes over it and still loves him. The textbook stuff of growing up is the trifles we all go through. She doesnt want to leave him, depsite what hes done and how hes been heading downhill.

great song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/09

i reallyy love this song!! at first i never really got it, till i sat and listened to the lyrics properly and now it just brings tears to my eyes :( imogen heap is a great, unique singer with a lovely voice! :) this song to me refers to life in general and all the problems people will go through. great lyrics, really touching and true :( it also makes me sad because i always remember someone special to me, although he doesnt really know me.. :( !

amazing. | Reviewer: amalie | 1/10/09

this song is amazing. it reminds me of chicago, because it was on repeat the entire time i was there this summer. i don't usually listen to this genre of music, and when i tried to get my friends to listen to it they didn't see how amazing it is.

i dont think this is neccesarily about boyfriends or girlfriends cheating. its just about being alone.

i want to keep listening to this song every day, but the time when i was in chicago was one of the best times in my life and i feel like if i listen to it too much i will forget the memories i had of chicago, you know what i mean?

What this song means | Reviewer: Mallory | 1/3/09

I give this song five stars. It's a really beautiful song if you listen to the melody and take a second to think about the lyrics. This song reminds me of high school. I could be a bit biased, considering this song played when the kids on the OC graduated in season 3, but the song is really well-fit for graduations, and just growing up and moving on in general.

mother-daughter | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/08

whenever i hear this song, i picture my mom singing it to me. we dont really have a healthy relationship. i think it's my unconscious (now conscious) self wanting forgiveness and as well as acceptance from my mom for all my shortcomings

Beautiful | Reviewer: deep-thought-girl | 12/26/08

I think that this song is not about cheating lovers, although the phrase is said in the song. I belive this is about heartache whether it be from a ex or from family issues or maybe just feeling alone. The first line of the song, "Here's the day you hoped would never come
Don't feed me violins
just run with me through roads of speeding cars." truly shows that. She is talking about that day when it's all just too much and you can't handle it anymore. When you're tired of hurting and you want it all to stop before you go insane. That's what this line is talking about. "Don't feed me violins" meaning "I don't want to hear your sob story" "Just run with me through rows of speeding cars" meaning "Just let go of it all and live your life spontaneously and stop worrying so much. That's why this song means so much to me. When i first heard it sunk into my heart because it was so perfect for where i was in my life at that point. She's truly just trying to give everyone advice to live life for all it's worth and to be the best you can be, but still know that you'll never be perfect.

it's a really nice song | Reviewer: anonymous | 12/24/08

well, it's nice song because it can relate to so many people who've had their hearts broken like i used to go out with this guy then he dumped me and i listened to this song and i got the point that you need to move on even if you still like the guy.

Anna | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/08

I think this song is about a person who got cheated on for a while and that person knew that their significant other was cheating. It's over and this song is saying that they should move on because in life it's going to be hard obstacles such as this but you will go on.