the O.C | Reviewer: matt | 2/2/07

this song made me cry so much during the episode of the oc titled "the graduates".. everytime i hear it i think of the oc the best show in the world and how its changed my life so much

amazing song | Reviewer: Lauren | 12/19/06

i swear i could listen 2 this song all day and i wouldn't get sick of it :)

Its the best | Reviewer: Eddy | 12/6/06

This song remembert me at the oc,california its the best song i hear.
pleas make a new song.
that is the best.

speeding cars | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/06

i love this song...its so sad
i saw a tribute video to a guy that had died nd this song wa the theme song and iv loved it ever since..
im not a huge fan of imogen heap but this is an amazing song

WKD | Reviewer: Hannah | 9/20/06

This is by far one of Imogen Heaps Best songs! However Hide & Seek Will always be on Top! I Love it!!! Try Sayin "Imogen Heap Hide & Seek" Dead dead fast betcha cant!!!!