It's about | Reviewer: Liz | 3/5/08

I think it's about forgiveness and acceptance. Things we all have to learn about growing up are hard to accept, but we have to in order to move on. Maybe along the same lines, it's also about letting things go. I truly love her music and how it leaves us thinking.

i love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/08

i love this song and i dont think it should be the song when marissa dies as well but it fits great with the grad scene i have never heard of imogen heap tell the oc and now i listen to them all the time and ryan is cute

How Sweet | Reviewer: Maddy | 2/27/08

I think this song is the cutest song i hav ever heard. I luv singin this song even kno i just heard it. I never watched the OC so i wudnt kno

i thought the oc was a bit borin lol but anywayz


Love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/08

I love this song too! I don't think it would have been better when Merissa dies, the songs too upbeat for that. It was perfect for the Graduation scene, they are growing up and learning that not everything learned is in text books. so pretty, love it.

iiloveeit | Reviewer: kaylaa | 1/23/08

this song made me cry but there is a mistake in the lyrics its
"dont feed me violins", not "dont feed me violence." ......
still an amazing song with very strong lyrics

makes me always imagine... | Reviewer: lida | 1/19/08

whenever i hear this song i see myself in the future singing to my kid .. im still young but if i ever have a kid in the future this song will be like a lullaby

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/08

i love the o.c but i disagree, this song doesnt have the same impact as halellujah did when marisssa died, it made me cry very beautifu song, but i still lov this song

Incorrect Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/08

These lyrics have a mistake in them yet it won't let me send in the correction for some reason. It should say "dont feed me violins", not "dont feed me violence." I checked on her myspace and that's what she has. I dont know if this makes a difference to anyone but it did to me.

It is, silly :) | Reviewer: nicole | 12/25/07

OMGOMG This song would be great in the OC when Marissa dies!! Not me but the Mischa Barton Marissa in Oc lol , I LOVE THIS SONG , I JUST LOVE IMOGEN HEAP!!!!

It is in the OC, the graduates one :)

Brilliant. | Reviewer: DominkaLovely<3 | 12/27/07

This Song Hit Me Like A Speeding Car. It Tells A Great Story! And Since I'm A Proffesional Jazz/Ballet Dancer, I Dance To This Song Alot. Along With Missing You- Imogen Heap. Brill-Iant.