this song remind me of him | Reviewer: vita | 9/8/07

this song is realy meant to me,i love this song so much,
because my exboyfriend ever gave this song for me
i always cry when i listen to this song
remind me of him
i really love him
love him so much
so much

abc of growin up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/07

it reminds me of al d times i had a fight iwd my friend. now dat she's no more livin in d city, i miss her like hell!!!!!!

Speeding Cars | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/07

This is one of their best songs, I believe. It brings me back to when I was extremely depressed and suicidal when I was younger. Coincidentally, I found the song just recently, when I've been down again. It really is a great song, with a great message.

memories | Reviewer: Natalia | 8/27/07

this song is so deep...the lyrics, music...every time I listen to it views from all my life are coming back to my head, to my eyes...
Sad song, but words "None of us were angels" made me otymistic because it means that not only I make mistakes.And I'm not as hopeless as some say.

Thanks for this song.

... | Reviewer: KizZy | 8/25/07

This sng is by far the best sng ever! It's beautiful and dey the best. Rewly gives me goosebumps.. an makes me miss my man! XXX

love it | Reviewer: Victoria | 8/22/07

i'm in yr 8 and my best friend just died and that used to be her faviourite song and i play it every day because when she was alive i told her i hated that song and i wish i could take it back but i love it and i hope she knows i love it R.I.P ruby love you for life!!!!!!!!!11

Twilight and New Moon By Stephenie Meyer (and now eclipse!) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/07

Everytime I hear this song on my iPod I think of Stephenie Meyer's New Moon. Perhaps it's just the reference to papercuts? Anyways, I love this song!

miss | Reviewer: may | 8/17/07

i think the directors of oc had shouldn't go on with it, because it was a good end for the series. now all people hate the new relay. oc isn't the same without marissa. it's the biggest shit i ever seen, but remember the time of kid chino, miss vixen, cosmogirl and the ironist! in love... ♥

...sorry for the mistakes, i'm a german.

Speeding Cars | Reviewer: marissa | 8/15/07


kaylin rhea | Reviewer: sydney | 8/14/07

my friend kaylin just died and this was her myspace song and i never felt the same when i herd it again R.I.P kaylin rhea!!!