Reviews for Speeding Cars Lyrics

Performed by Imogen Heap

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AMAZINGG SONG | Reviewer: Sonia | 6/5/07

This song soooo reminds me of the oc :| :|
amaazin track.. jus cant get it outta m head

imogen heap | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/07

like hide and seek, i love this song. its really helped me through my exams, and made me think theres always a brighter side to life.

the oc ...only THE BEST | Reviewer: ivan | 6/1/07

i love this song because it remember me the best serie of the world !!!! the oc of course!!
i love this tv show...but i cried when marissa died, really this son called speeding cars is one of the most beautiful song that i have heard!!!!!!

AMAZING! | Reviewer: Jesse | 6/3/07

wow this is an amazing song!! its sooo sad but amazing!

This song... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/07

This song really reminds me of my high school group. Some of them have made a real mess of things for themselves.

Everyone makes mistakes along the road of life. This song sounds like it is about a person who has gotten in really deep and is just realizing it. Either that or this person is admitting past mistakes to someone and anxiously awaiting the hearer's response. Either way it is powerful and many people can relate to it on one end or the other. It's kind of saying, "Hey, it's okay, we all have messed up before. We can rise above it. Life goes on."

.... | Reviewer: Lyra | 5/26/07

i really didn't understand it. i like it but can someone explain me the sense please? :$

GAWGUS SONG | Reviewer: aLISHA | 5/26/07


Very Moving | Reviewer: Chinchilla | 5/23/07

Very inspirational, it may be the only thing keeping me from commiting suicide. i love you all <3 i hate life </3

The O.C. Graduates Episode | Reviewer: Umama | 5/23/07

oph god! i've watched the graduates episode a
million times and i can never get sick of it! and this song has made me cry everytime i've watched it!
someone pls bring back the oc!

So Lovely | Reviewer: Novia | 5/22/07

I could listen to this song all the time...reminds me of someone who died, and the song is on his video clip on myspace..
makes me cry. i love this song..with all i have.

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