no cheating in there | Reviewer: wlad | 6/8/09

not about cheating. In here, cheating is just an integral part of the pile life brings on you every day. This song is about fear, existential doubt and regrets. That they're normal, can and should be overcome. And that having someone at your side always helps with that.
Despite the minor tune it's actually a very optimistic song.

Beautiful . . . | Reviewer: J.D. | 6/6/09

This is my sister's grad song, and I just heard it for the first time yesterday. I'm in love -- it calms me. It just now -- as in, about five minutes ago -- inspired me to write a fanfiction -- crediting Imogen Heap, of course. I currently have the song on repeat -- It makes me think of my current highschool years -- I've been losing my head all year over stress and people being stupid.

". . . You can't keep on like this,"

That's absolutley true, for me.

"Now, Now baby, don't kill yourself,
'cause none of us were angels, and
You know I love you . . . yeah . . ."

This is the perfect song for stressed-out teens who just need a break -- like me.

"It's in the ABC of growing up,"

The ABC of growing up . . . I must be at . . . X, by now . . . .

Nonetheless -- I love this song to death. I want it played when I graduate -- at my grad party. And every other day of highschool.

Life | Reviewer: n | 5/16/09

i believe this song has nothing to do with cheating. It reminds me of my teenage years especially of exam periods like now...Every time i listen to the chorus it reminds me of a mother talking to her daughter about life; its seems like she forgives her for something - none of us were angels and you know i love you. The rest of it sounds like daughter talking to her mother who is probably dying

Mikaela | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/09

I think every song has different meanings for everyone. For me, this song is incredibly close to heart... my mom committed suicide 5 years ago and I have always blamed myself for not seeing it coming or doing something about it. She was always such an amazing person and mother that I have had a hard time trying to find myself without her... This song makes me feel okay and helps me move on... =)

thanks | Reviewer: rose023 | 4/14/09

it's a beautifull song.. it helped me and my friends after that one of our close friends killed herself. It was one of her favourite songs and it makes us understand her decision altough it's hard. The lyrics are so meaningfull even if some people say it makes no sense , it makes sense to me and to everybody who lost someone who had a hard time being an adolescent..
Thanks imogen heap for helping us!

hello earth ppl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/09

i LOVE this song but everyone is writing love sappy reviews. just like the song in the way you want to. don't write a 10 minute essay on it on why yo like it. you are just dragging on and on. i LOVE this song and it is as simple as that.

song | Reviewer: sky | 4/2/09

i love this somg, its somewhat calming and it makes me feel alive, most days i walk around like a zombie but this song brings me life, im not sure why the lyrics dont make sense to me but they are beautiful and they way the lead singer of imogen heap sings this song is very breathtaking

My favorite song. | Reviewer: Zen...? | 4/1/09

This is my all time favorite song. Though its lyrics may make almost no sense, to me it somehow seem to speak to me in a way i can relate.My personal favorite part of this song is the course. I love you imogen Heap. Please keep making the wonderful music that you make.

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/09

I feel as if the song gives off the vibe of just growing, learning, and loving. Knowing that you have gotten through the worst and can there for overcome anything. Its about moving to a new chapter and not letting your past get in the way of whatever path you may choose.

lifeeee, | Reviewer: megan | 2/20/09

i think this song is beautiful its not about cheating or heart breaks just because theres a couple words of cheating lovers everyone asumes its a broken hearted song, like all the other ones in the world to day, this song is about life and growing up and the obsticales it brings the heart aces the good times,and the bad,
i lvoe this song, i listen to it every day before school cause it makes me relize i can get threw the day.