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Performed by Imogen Heap

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Simple Synth Says-What a Song | Reviewer: Leo | 8/1/09

Heard this track for the first time this week while i was going through my endless music collection. Didn't even know i had it. Put it on my MP3 changed the headphones for the inner ear phones and let my dormant sub conscious lay back and embrace the truly marrow vibrating sound of Imogen Heap's Hide And Seek. The world just seemed to stop and my tension was released for a few precious minutes. The only time i felt this before was when i heard U2's Zooropa or Miss Zarejevo. Now all i can think about is "how good would it sound in my local church at full volume?" lol

umm... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/09

sewing machines represents pulling close together and trains represent leaving. her parents got a divorce.oily makes are from the ink in the pictures and crop circles are from the furniture that made marks on the carpet.hide and seek is a game.shes talking about hide and seek because the parents are hiding and Imogen is looking or seeking for there love."its all for the best...because it is.." thats what her mom says to her at that part.

Okay Charles | Reviewer: Mike | 7/16/09

Charles the sewing machine and trains where around before most of us. Thats the reason for this song.

The song had deep lyrics that make you feel and emotion which only a good song has. If every song had this then we wouldent know what a good song is but hopefully they make more i've only heard this one. Mikey

Mike | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/09

the first time i heard this song... i was almost o.ded at edc 09

when i heard this i thought my heart stopped and i just froze... my head was spinning

i passed out and woke up to this beautiful song still playing..

i couldnt comprehend the power that this song enfused through me

ahhh... so rrefreshed everytime i hear it

love you all <3

P.eace L.ove U.nity R.espect

Sinking Feeling | Reviewer: Viv | 7/12/09

I heard this song yesterday and we were actually playing a lot of songs [streaming]

Then I heard it

I was so beautiful
And from that moment it has been

There are really no words to express the emotions that erupts inside you when the words the rythem the heart that this song really makes you feel deep inside ur harden heads and broken hearts

Even here as I write this and listen I want to cry
Because it reminds me of so many thing and this song in short I think is an embodyment of life. It is niether sad nor happy , it makes u feel empty yet so overwelmed and im glad I got to hear this - Viv

Nothing But Truth | Reviewer: Gwen | 7/7/09

I've listened to this song dozens of times, and I can't get enough. It's creative flow, and deepy intense lyrics, never over power the true meaning of the song. It seems as though every song now-a-days are talking about a loved one, a fallen crush, another relationship, but very few really grasp the true feelings and essence of the emotion put into a relationship, a heartache, and love in general. This song is epic and I love everything it means, and everything that comes along with it.

So yea | Reviewer: jude | 7/7/09

um...the first time i heard hide and seek was thru my phone......this gurl that i have been in love with sent it to me......she knows i love her but were not together because.....idk.......god maybe.....but yea..i only heard a bit but then i looked it up and.......its a great makes me sad...i have a gf tho...but its not her and.................i still love her

Imogen Heap Rox!!! | Reviewer: Charles | 7/6/09

this song is a complete representation of me and my ex's relationship (with whom I'm still with....... when "we" are happy)

we have the oily hand prints on the walls from heated vaseline nights.... which I'm now forced to see everyday after our split. sometimes when I'm alone and other times when other "friends" notice them and call me out.

Not to mention the friends and acquaintances we have out on the town that hold their heads down and shake when we mention anything about our "split"

on top of it all, we play hide and seek too. Often, we leave H&S notes on each others doors, since neither one of us have cell phones.

Imogen Heap hit it right on the head with this one and me, and my love.

whats up with sewing machines being here before "us" though?

hope and sadness | Reviewer: kety | 7/4/09

the first time i heard this song i was wit my boyfren...n dan the second time i was alone,after i broke up wit my b.f i wanted to rem all the things we did n rem everythin for a while,back dan i cldnt rem the name of the song n i was so upset dan i got it,now wen i hear it it saddens me bt at the same time its so beautiful the song that it wells me up.....this song can be anythin,coz as we all know it...we can barely hear or understand the words but the music...its incredible....its a song of love,hurt,hope and sadness...full of emotions,any emotions..the song turns into watever kind of song were feeling!!!

The Bittersweet Remedy.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/09

So.. Here's my story. I'm stuck in this position where my girl and I are broken up, though we remain best friends. Now though, she's got someone new, and I'm tied up in this position where if I try to leave her life so that she could have a good, fresh relationship, it'll only hurt her. I guess I'm at a stalemate, no actions left, at a loss of words, and this song just helps me calm my emotions. Sounds a little gay, coming from a guy, but it's the truth and I just wanna share it.

Thanks for reading all the way through. It means a lot.

Killer and full of emotion | Reviewer: Andrew | 6/26/09

I listen to this song... What do I hear? I hear the emotion... I don't hear words... I hear her pain yet the subtle knowledge that there is still a tint of hope... I like writing out my thoughts on things like Time, and if the world was filled with nothing but happiness.. This portrays perfection... If the world was perfect, with no pain, there would be nothing for us to look forward to... I enjoy listening to this song... Well... thanks for reading my little babble....

Ransom notes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/09

This song for some reason feels really bittersweet. I feel all the sadness I can remember, but for some reason, it's happy. Has anyone read "Because of Winn Dixie"? In the story, there's a candy called "Litmus Lozenges." It's said that the candies actually had sorrow as an ingredient, and it made those who ate it feel sorrow or grief. One girl remembered her brother drowning. But it was a very sweet candy! Everyone loved it. This song makes me think of those. This song is Litmus Lozenges, except in song form.

Ideal images | Reviewer: Josh | 6/11/09

This song was given to me bye my brother which was handed from one of his exgirlfriends which happened to come from uhtah . She was a dancer for shows like diseny and had a redish orangey color hair any ways just bye looking at this girl you knew she was happy and free from the stressful world we live at least that's what she portraid . When ever I hear this song ithink of her and my brother goofing around like little children in grassy plain hills .. It makes me happy to see and remener them like that . I hardly see my brother any more . It's a hard transition when you see your siblings everyday of yourlife to as where you basically see them for only holidays . I just want to thank you for this song if it wasn't for you those Ideal images would never come to mind..

Routine | Reviewer: Aimee | 5/26/09

I'm doing a dance routine to this song currently, its so beautiful and when I listen to it I can't help but move. I think its talking about dealing with any kind of problem wheter its one you ahev with yourself, one someone has with you, or one you have with the world.Its beautiful.

crying memories | Reviewer: anonymous | 5/13/09

this song brings me memories of the first times i heard this song i can almost cry about this nd if i heard this song in public it wud be embarrising b-cuz id probably cry.♥♥♥to tha life i once had this song goez 4 u♥♥♥

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