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Performed by Imogen Heap

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Heartbreak | Reviewer: Kat | 10/25/10

To me, it sounds as though someone was abandoned because the other person thought it was what should have happened. And they're talking about how they feel like theuir feelings we played with, like a game. That's what it makes me feel like.

My 2 cents | Reviewer: Sarah | 10/18/10

For some reason, the first time I heard the song I thought of native americans and indians and how "They were here first" The whole song makes me think of Americans taking over their home. Perhaps the beginning is in the point of view of an indian. Where are we? What the bleep is going on?

Oily marks appear on walls Where pleasure marks before the takeover the sweeping insensitivity of this still life.
Could this be referring to those old native american drawings in caves in america? Hmm, something to think about. I guess it's pointless to overanalyze a song when it's beautiful without an explanation.

meaning of song | Reviewer: scott | 10/6/10

hmm, I was thinking the song was about a couple putting their elderly parents in a retirement home (for selfish reasons) so that they could move in to the house (husbands idea).

--people on the streets holding their heads heavy--
(in grief? or disapproving?)

--trains and sewing machines--
(random knick-knacks laying around? or memories of how the house used to look)

--Hide and Seek--
(memories of playing in the house)

--ransom notes keep falling out your mouth--
--just what we need--
(talking about money? or other selfish idea's)

--the takeover--
(this is probably the main reason I was thinking old folks being put out of their home)

or maybe the previous owners died, or couldn't pay there mortgage and were kicked out.

regardless. great song.

beautiful | Reviewer: ku | 9/29/10

Hide and seek is by far one of my favorite songs. The emotion, the build up, and the lyrics create such a powerful song. Its stuck in head right now. Though I've never been much of a singer, I can't help but sing Hide and seek. Imogen heap is a great artist!

the value of Emogen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/10

truly amazing, the arist has managed to capture your emotions, and hold them with each word sung in the song, the first time i heard it i was at a modern dance display, and ironicly the last dancer chose this song and dance with true quality, i was left in a state of disbelief, Emogen Heap had torn my emotions apart, and then tied them together with every breath.....WOW GREAT SONG!!

From a metal fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/10

Not so much a review as my opinion on the lyrics, but I have to say this is one of the most solidly written pop songs in a long time. Generally, I don't listen to a whole lot of pop because too many of the songs these days lack poetry and feel either cliched or stilted. The lyrics to this song are actually quite poetic and well written.

Inspiration for a young writer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/10

I am a writer, and right now, i am writing about a story where the possibillities are endless. i first heard the 'remix' or at least part of it. I kind of liked it, and asked a friend for it. the friend gave me the original accidentally, and for a few days (while he searched for the remix) i listened to it, perplexed. JUST AMAZING! Imogen's voice perfectly describes the words, and when listening to it, i feel compelled to write at my best. Even now, i have my headphones on and it is blaring through my ears. Heaven has been made into a song. That song's name? Hide and Seek, Imogen Heap.

And also, i heard the remix later, and detested it. Constantly replaying the same 3 lines from a song that's not your own? That rapper needs a new life...

It does remind my of a break up. Also, at the end "Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth" could refer to threats and heated discussions between the two. Just a thought.

Hollow Feelings | Reviewer: John | 9/3/10

I get more of a historical metaphor for the Holocaust out of this song. There are so many parallelisms that seem to work with it. The "oily marks" part is what makes me really think it. The germans would use phosphorous in the paint they used because it glows, saving money for the military. When people would touch the walls, the oil from their hands would leave hand prints. I was watching a history channel documentary and its haunting to see hallways illuminated by handprints of those long lost to the horrors of the NAZI death camps.
Maybe im looking too far into it, but I feel the comparisons ive found seem to work. I think its a nice dynamic if thats what its truly about.

Indescribable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/10

I am a dancer and I love songs that make me feel the emotion of the lyrics. I feel so alive dancing to this song. It really has a beautiful quality to it then other song ever have. I love how she just uses her voice to describe a scene. And her voice really enhances it. The words are perfectly and creatively placed. "what the hell is going on?" I hate how Jason D took this beautiful song, added raps and a strong beat to it and its somehow more popular than the original AND didn't give Imogen Heap any credit. Now thats just low. How low do u go?

Thank you all. | Reviewer: Rodney Gipson | 8/16/10

I teach a Music Appreciation Class @ a high school in TN. Every week we do a Song of the Week where my classes listen to a song and analyze from the music to the lyrics. It was awesome to read your comments see that everybody has a different perspective. I'm eager to share this song and your comments with my classes as well as hear the different perspectives they give on the song.

song is amazing | Reviewer: Lonesome | 8/16/10

i love this song, its so beautiful and she has such an AMAZING voice. I first heard this song when my boyfriend sung it to me...everytime i hear it i think of him, we live in different states. So this song pulls beloved memories of him and me together. I listen to it when im lonesome for him.
I Love Imogen Heap.

what a powerful song | Reviewer: Megan | 8/14/10

Hide and Seek is such an amazing song. She uses only her voice with no music in the background and it is incredible. It is shocking that people only know her song because Jason Derulo took the "Whatcha Say" part and made a song that is pretty crappy other than when Imogen Heap is singing. It is truly sad. She deserves a lot more credit for this song!

Break-up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/10

I first heard this song after I broke up with my boyfriend of four years. "Crop circles in the carpet" = the round impressions left in the carpet from the feet of heavy furniture. "Oily marks appear on walls where pleasure moments hung before the takeover" -- Pleasure moments are pictures that were taken down from the walls, and the oily marks are where they filled in the holes from the nails and painted over them.
"Whatcha say? That you only meant well...that it's all for the best...that's it's just what we need. You decided this" -- This was a one-sided break-up.

On Intent | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/10

It's really interesting to see how others interpret this song. I've loved the chords and tones of this song for a long time but haven't looked up the lyrics until fairly recently. I jump to general issues of development. "Oily marks appear on walls" and the "trains and sewing machines" maybe represent industrialization. And these developments come at the expense of those who "were here first", probably indigenous peoples. The line "blood and tears" brings up the image of the Trail of Tears for me.
Development/Imperialism/Globalization is justified by the good intentions of those in power. But Imogen has us re-examine that intent, she doesn't believe the sound bites, the "newspaper word cut-outs". Despite good intentions, there is real, irreparable harm done to people, and we can't overlook those lives.

lyrics' meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/10

this song is actually about a marriage or engagement broken off. Trains= bridal dress trains, sewing machines for fixing it up before the wedding. Crop circles in the carpet= circles left behind from moving away furniture (leaving), like the legs of chairs and stuff.

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