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Eye in the Sky | Reviewer: Matt Sims | 11/8/11

Peace to you Tech. My man.
I'll say first, thankyou, thankyou for being on the Earth at this time. Many people on this planet are greatful for your existence. You give words to so many who feel voiceless, and for the one with a fire burning in the heart and throat, much strength and inspiration. Damn son. The Martyr, Eyes in the sky, truth truth truth, that shit makes me put my one hand over my heart, head down, one hand in the air, middle finger backwards. Yabasta homie. Thankyou!

Revolutionary! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/11

Intelligence, Passion & Justice are what tech's lyrics are .. Only artist I'd actually go out n buy the album of n pay to go see the rest are all as fake as their audio tuned voice.. Demolishs any rapper lyrically on the charts now n to come,Tech does not only educate, but inspires.
Everyone wants to censor him cos no one likes the truth! Lyrical Legend! You taught me the power of Knowledge!
Would love to see Tech in Australia !

He is so right ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/11

I'm from Australia I was recently watching a documentary on central and south America about how corporate mining company's abuse the land of the country and disillusion the people.. The south American's n Mexican people don't know how beautiful their country is the mountains the deserts the villages and their culture so exotic n beautiful..n they all move to America like WTF? N it's true the woman dye their hair blonde n try n look like white women, n white woman try n look more exotic like latina women? I don't get it but I can understand y tech is so pissed off!! I'm pissed off at white ppl n I am white !
Tech <3

ur da illest emcee | Reviewer: thaps | 3/24/11

yor! I realy love ur musiq coz it keeps da hip-hop life goin wit da lyrical cntent as nwadays we r lacking wit da 2ru emcees...lets keep independent hip hop flyng high coz its da heart nd soul of our culture..keep da truth alive,big ups 2 u dawgy

*The best rapper eva produced* | Reviewer: Nhlayiso makamu | 2/23/11

U'v changed me mentaly n lyrically coz ur music n ur massage made me to feel gifted empirically i was born intellignt bt u tought me to be street-smart. I listen to ur muziq everyday, u inspire, the rawest niggar which wil neva expire and plz cum to SOUTH AFRICA bcoz me n my people need ur insperation. Peace n love to TECHNIQUE n to all my african people!!

THE CAUSE OF DEATH | Reviewer: rachel | 1/12/11

immortal technique i do believe u hold the truth 9/11 is a bunch of fucking bs i listen to u everyday and it makes me so happy ur not afraid to tell the truth! non of us should b..i wish ppl were more like u then no one would b mindless to what they r told no one even questions athority! were all mindless just the way they want us! so stand up ppl!let everyone know ur not afraid! peace and love to u all <3

Truth revealer | Reviewer: Jerome | 1/4/11

Tech its true dat no one person can do evrytin but every1 can do sumting.u truly changed my views about corporate world and how goverment operates. Yes your music will leave on because its spiritual

THE IMMORTAL TECH ..MICROPHONE MURDER | Reviewer: Lyrikal Mind | 9/11/10

True indeed,hes the rap machine,that scans the hidden stuff...he speaks revolutionary.the first time i got his musik.i listened to him daily everyday,still 16 and i know about corporate business,and how bush and his fellows fucked up america,the same way Zuma and his puppets are doing it right now..,u my inspiration.your existance in hip hop will remain perpetual.thanks for holding it down..u my lyrical educator ...keep the mic burning.peace man.u the truth

The Mean of Rap | Reviewer: Charles makola | 7/23/10

I'm south african so m jst obsessd wit Tech the way he reveal the hidden staff to his fans so for that m greatful n lastly to him hay Tech can u plz cum to SA to tell whts happenin wit the law coz if u aint got money then u can stay the rest of ur lyf in jail,,so plz cum n reveal Zuma n his fellows coz they do shit up there

Ancestor of the great Viracocha | Reviewer: Jose Bermudez | 7/10/10

When I first heard techniques music at 16 it blew me away. With great interest I looked up his lyrics and biography. When it said he was born in Peru it gave me an extreme sense of pride because I too am a product of the shining path era which messed up the country. 22 now and blown away daily. Technique if you see this please come to B.C Canada. All the real MC's here in Victoria need your devine insperation!!!

the son of the soil | Reviewer: Thembile aka teeDrago Beyile | 5/27/10

these are words which shake the marrow of each black kid in every societ of slavery. I am the product of slavery being unfairly because of your pigmentation these are the views that let my heart pumps hopes of prosperity, Technique my niggar plz keep the fire burning, you are a God saint with your songs you just remind me of man of man Steve Bantu Biko, tell like it is like him.

The Truth Shall Awaken | Reviewer: JayHinez4DaDUB | 1/31/10

unbelievable, but undeniable, Immortal Technique is da meaning of Rap, my dawg put me on him last night and now i refuse to listen to the lies of who i though were great rapperz. He has opened my eyes no longer am i blind to the darkness, WE HAVE THE POWER< now lets use it. From da corrupted and 7 headed Dragon--->USA

most talented rapper | Reviewer: ismail zubair | 1/7/10

Immortal Technique is most gifted and talented rapper eva in d history of rap muzik although his rap is Violent and cruel, He chooses the most appropriate words that rhymes wit eachoda in such a way that they make perfect sense and sends his message.I tnk he deserves the award of the Best Rapper Alive............


His music is addictive and i cant even go a day without listening to him. Politics, social issues, maths and physics and most important the problems which we are facing daily.Amen to Immortal Technique.I'm a proudly South African

History | Reviewer: Michael Elhassan | 3/16/09

Through dedication, perseverance, and witnessing technical faults within American politics, and the political system, along with heartbreaking and painfull experiences; it is clearly understandable why he is called IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE. U can't call him ONE OF THE BEST rappers in Hip hop music... He is. When music is instrumented and put together to send a message to the public about corporate bussines' and world domination empowered by people who are only after more power someone who is digging under to reveal the truth no matter what, is exactly the kind of artist that MUSIC needs. This is what HIP-HOP means. An aesthetic feeling and emotion through sound, vocal, culture and tradition but this type of music can only be found in the underground region.

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