sense made | Reviewer: neo francis | 11/24/14

the song makes me aware of what the world really is,gives me courage not to look down to anybody for everyone is resourceful...immortal technique is concerned with the people and so am i.

........................ | Reviewer: Nimzay | 8/21/13

I will never forget the day I first heard this , I wanted to cry . I'm not an emotional person , but it just made me realize that all my hopes and dreams were totally in the wrong direction.

Tenx to this man | Reviewer: Yacham de Dayatch | 6/19/13

Immortal Technique rap senses all de way i love him he speaks like Victor Alba in a book call ''The Mexicans''

truth | Reviewer: c.b.s.k | 1/11/13

for the past few years i been trying to out of this cage. I've stumbled accross dance with the devil and thn I found a few more tracks and i love this guy. He speak what narrow minded ears don't want to listen. when I speak about this people look as if I'm crazy. yeah this what I wanted to say is "fight the system impossible is every mission" because you're are part of the system. unsurity kick in wen you start questioning what's real and what's not.

we need to stay real, nuff respect for these man very interligent and inspirational four years back when i started listening to his music i opened my eyes and started to realise that the trueth needs to be said out no matter what challenges u will go thruogh just fucken speak the trueth die for the trueth i cant live a lie and i never will,im his biggest fan and i achived most of my shit through his music inspiration special thanks to IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE,from BOTSWANA, AFRICA, Q ROGERS.

I wish that this would be the voice that every American would listen to instead of the brain-numbing nonsense all over the television and in the media. I hope that people hear this message before it's too late. Every revolution has been brought on by abuse...abuse by a system of the people. This needs to change in the United States.
Some people just don't realize that to be American has nothing to do with your race, religion, or beliefs. It has to do with the founding ideals of freedom and opportunity...quickly becoming a thing of the past. Questioning the government and its authority is the only truly American thing to do.
"Every man needs a little luck, and a little government. But only a fool would rely on either." -unknown.

Great words! | Reviewer: Alberta | 9/6/11

This guy is on point in everything he has said. Western culture sucks. The U.S. Government is the biggest terrorist on the planet. Oppressive European states and its satellite countries like America have been at the helm of most of the world's problems.

Some of you have pointed out his use of foul language. A curse word is a word spoken in the act of placing a hex upon someone. Stop worrying about his use of foul language. You're focused on the wrong thing. Some of you sound like racists, too.

"Nuclear war, environmental pollution, resource rape... all are primary threats to our survival and all are the result of peculiarly Caucasoid behaviour, Caucasoid values, Caucasoid psychology" -- Michael Bradley (The Iceman Inheritance).

come on now | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/11

who cares if he used a few foul words here and there, hes trying to show his anger and emotion of how he feels about the topic of this song.. im sure you havent livedyour entire life without saying one curse word or two

Truth spoken Vs imbeciles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/11

Some of you are just to sensitive last time I check this man had his 1st amendment rights so you sensitive ass people can fuck off and listen to your commercialized bullshit music that's why this country is stupid because of imbeciles like you who support garbage.
Can't handle the truth?? Just shoot yourself and die you useless eaters enough said !
One love

to anonymous 4/4/11 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/11

why do you have to critisize him for trying to make a difference? he only does it through rap so that stupid people can open up their eyes and so that people actually get the message. Otherwise, so many people would remain clueless because theyre too lazy to find this out by themselves. OWNED

Too Bad.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/11

If this guy is so amazing and such a genius, it seems there would be better ways to express himself than using foul language and rap. When did it become okay speak disrespectfully or go down to a certain level to make such a solid point?

My thoughts ...his words | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/11

I an blown away by this mans truthfulness and intellegence. Immortal Technique is a true inspirational leader. He is a voice for our people. I work with at-risk youth everyday who feel that educated latinos are sell-outs and so-called traders "white."...if only they were educated on how our people are not synomymous with poverty. we are so vibrant with our trail of history.

So legit. | Reviewer: Josiah | 11/24/10

Cannot express how amazing this is. Completely explains the ignorance of America. I love the "outside America live lesser people..." A lot of people really don't like hike because of how raw he is but I think part of it is that it is too real for them. "Like a ten year old child with slit wrists, too much reality."

I love this guy | Reviewer: Kayla | 6/11/10

I hated rap my whole life, it just wasnt something I liked to listen to, but I stumbled upon this song, and a few others by Immortal Technique a few days ago and ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT!
This man is a fucking genius and speaks the truth. I love it!

LISTEN! | Reviewer: latino | 5/2/10

i believe this is more than about who is a sell out and who is a "real rapper" i enjoy wayne's music but thats just entertainment... Immortal technique is trying to send a msg, we need to stop agreeing and start acting... if u feel the lyrics then you know its acheivable...