August, 07 2008 | Reviewer: Elisabeth | 8/7/2008

I really2 like this song! It's comfortable when you hear it, anytime. I hope this song can be translated in english coz' i really want to know what is the meaning of this song. Hontouni doumo if someone can help me to translated it.

Translation please! | Reviewer: Geoff | 4/17/2008

I love the song, and the spanish lyrics are great. But I don't understand spanish at all. What do the lyrics mean. I may better understand and gain a better appreciation for it if I knew the english translations to it.

A greater song | Reviewer: Jen | 1/9/2008

There's something about this song that "elevates" you when you listen to it(if you like the type of music of course) yet, it also makes my heart feel heavier everytime.

The best song of Il Divo, I think | Reviewer: rizky | 11/3/2007

I really like the way they sing this song.
This song's very comforting and reassuring,, it makes you calm down... When you're agitated or angry, listen to Si TĂș Me Amas and you'll be cooled down. When you're hurt (your girl/boyfriend dumped you, for instance), listen to this song and get calmed down...