thanks il divo | Reviewer: chip | 5/2/06

i offen listen rock at night but one day, i fought sth that you can i can listen night after night without bored. When i heard Ti amero, i cried and think about someday, some one will come to me and say :"ti amero".it make me more happy and forget my sad love story, thus i want to say :"thanks you, my star"

Best in centuries. | Reviewer: Felipa | 4/8/06

This is the best sound ever. Hope this takes over the sicknes of the young music that has no form of music. you are ill if can you make sense of it.

these guys are great! | Reviewer: Steph | 4/1/06

Il Divo are such a break from pop, hip hop, rap and all that other music that is really annoying. When you listen to Il divo's songs, they are so meaningful and deep - and their voices are absolutely amazing. Well done Simon!

Fantastic Talent | Reviewer: Stephen | 2/17/06

Absolutely phenomenal. Myself a voice student, I am incredibly heartened by a resurgence of talent like this into the domain of popular culture.

Truly, these men and their voices are the gifts of God to the failing classical music scene. Hopefully, their presence will allow the youth of the nations to regain interest in what is quickly becoming the boring "lost art" of classical (and classical-esque) music.

Like Opera for Chocolate | Reviewer: Leslie | 1/16/06

My mother raised me on opera and gave me a great appreciation of voices. So you can imagine that when I heard Il Divo, I was absolutely, positively, without a doubt, orgasmic. Nuff said.

A great band | Reviewer: sb. from China P.R | 1/13/06

I'm a student from China.
I heard the IL DIVO from the news.Whenever I listen to their music,It actually make me become intoxicated!

Blown Away! | Reviewer: Erica | 11/16/05

A few days ago I thought I would sit down and download a few of IlDivo songs....and I have to heart truly sings when I hear their music!
Long may they continue to bring music that fills the soul and makes the spirit sing!!!

Absolutely Divine | Reviewer: Monique | 8/23/05

Unbelievable voices , talent and looks... Way to go Simon and great work Boys... Can't wait for the next album and the tour to Montreal..

wonderful | Reviewer: marlene | 8/16/05

Thank God for the wonderful voice...that melt my heart.
Personally i like "MAMA" so much.
Thanks for sharing nice voice with us.

Great Group | Reviewer: Ken Lawrence | 5/18/05

I saw this group advertised in the paper and decided to buy the CD. I was amazed at the melding of voices and the sensitivity of the sound. To be honest I felt like crying when I heard their music because it touched my heart. I look forward to seeing many more CD's by this truly talented quartet. Thanks to Simon Cowell for this!!

IL DIVO's Regresa a Mi | Reviewer: CWF | 4/12/05

Smooth, plaintive and romantic as a midnight encounter...this may well become 'THE' slow dance song for many this year. The single is being marketed at Borders in the US prior to the album release in April. Beautifully performed in Spanish! A wonderful return of great voices
to popular music.

People who like this romantic sound might also try out Andrea Bocelli