Amazing Grace | Reviewer: Marte | 3/6/13

My husband has promised to carry me to the May 5th concert in Norfolk. We are in our 70s and have to be careful traveling, but, it is worth the 600 mile trip from Atlanta to see the band in person. We finally got tickets but they are in the last row K section. I hope we can see them from that high point. Bless you guys in giving us the alternative to our listening pleasure. Thanks.

all their songs | Reviewer: alexandra | 12/31/11

1/1/2012 at 12-37 a.m - love all your songs guys - especially loved your song with celine dion - only one gripe - sorry guys - can you not sing your songs in english we cannot understand a word of them in a foreign language - would love to see you in concert - but your tickets are far too expensive for me even the cheapest - but would love to be invited to watch you rehearse for your shows - that would be great - how about it????

Everytime I look at you / MAMA | Reviewer: RIZALINA PENA | 9/25/11

Im so in love with their songs ,,and listening and watching their DVD's makes me so happy and in love. Hope they will come again to the PHILIPPINES or another concert cause i was not able to watch them Live. THEY ARE REALLY PERFECTLY AWESOME .

IL DIVO | Reviewer: Tanja | 3/8/09

These guys are great!:)Their songs are very beautiful, i like to listen to IL DIVO's music. Urs Buhler is my favorite singer. А вообще, все они замечательные! У каждого есть своя изюминка(внешность, голос). Они действительно ангелы музыки.:))))

New Year surprise! | Reviewer: Graziana | 12/31/08

I cannot think of a greater way to start 2009 than with the IL DIVO music! I had heard a song on the radio before but didn't know who was singing. Today I was blessed with their performance on a SKY TV music channel,was deeply moved by their voices, enchanted by their looks and their smiles and cannot wait for the shops to open to go and buy all their music! They touch the heart, truly...

Blown away! | Reviewer: Fred Gibson | 12/10/08

My introduction to Il Divo was the beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace. I was stunned that a group I had never heard of could make such an impact on me. My wife and went out and bought the new CD and I was not disappointed. The Youtube videos are going to spread the word that this is one of the great new groups.

Ti Amero' | Reviewer: Tina Huang | 12/9/07

I love music and Il Divo has been my favorite band for 2 years...They not only have beautiful voices but also charming, manly...Hope you will go to Vietnam-my country...Tiamo, Il Divo!

Brilliant, Amazing | Reviewer: Debbie | 12/1/07

the first time i heard them i was hooked, there is such power in their voices,sends shivers down my spine and yes they have to be played loud, louder the better. looking forward to the next album, cant wait. luvs you guys especially Sebastien.. phhooaarr.. mmmmm

The most happy day in my life | Reviewer: Michelle | 8/27/07

I've the most beatiful experience in my entire life. In 28th mach 2007.Il Divo arrive to Chile.
Yo no lo podía cree!!!! lo único que me dije a mi misma fue: Michelle tienes que ir como sea, si o si, y lo hice.

mesmerized | Reviewer: patricia | 8/16/07

About time we were blessed with talent true emotion and class. These are the Fab Four of this century, only better Please come to Las Vegas -- soon. Love you all. Your comittment to your music shows in every song. Thank you

4 angel from heaven | Reviewer: debbie anderson | 8/13/07

seen you the first time your own concert the I have seen all of you again in boston with Barbara SReisand you were great but nothing like your own concert.
ALL my friend are waiting.and everybody in boston.

handsomes and talented!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/07

i knew il divo only a month ago but since that time i' ve been really obsessed with theur songs especially i belive in u duo with celine dion i really like them good 4 u il dive keep goin!!!!!!!

Il Divo | Reviewer: trang | 7/29/07

I love IL DIVO so much.They're perfect:perfect voices,perfect faces.They're gorgeous,fantastic 4.I love all of their songs.They're all great.

Unmatchable | Reviewer: Denis Mayer Jr. | 7/25/07

I'm a true fan of Il DIVO, wich means that i listen to all their albums one after another one all day long non stop.I had four of my friends who did not care to much about that kind of music but after they saw the ENCORA video at my house they all came at the live show in Vancouver they could not resist it. When i saw them live in Vancouver it took me a while to get over it, the power, carisma, and drama in that band is just unmatchable.There are to many singers who sells their bodies more than their voices but thanks to IL DIVO we can hear true vocal talents.
I bought all of the albums and looking forward to the next ones, i can't wait!
I will sure go again to see them if they come back in Vancouver. Please come back !!!!
Carlos! Wow!!! this gentelman can really sing!
I will work on winning some new fans it's too good i have to share it. love you guys!

MAMA | Reviewer: susanne | 7/16/07

i have never heard of LI DIVO until recently.. when i did.. i just fell in love with their voices.. and how they prescent theirselves.. when i heard mama for the first time.. i cried.just recently loosing my mother.. the song tore at my heart.. i wish them the best in the years to come.. susanne