In Memory of my Mother | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/13

Tomorrow, Sunday November 24, 2013 will be a month since my dear Mom passed away. I had been up all night trying to put pen to paper for her eulogy, but my river of tears prevented me from doing so, I just could not do it, no matter how hard I tried. When I heard "Mama" seven years ago, I cried a river then too and it was at that moment that I made a decision that when my Mom passed away, this was the song that would be dedicated to her. The song was played in Church in lieu of a eulogy as the words said it all. Since my Mom's passing, I play this song every day, a few times a day. I miss her so much my heart aches. Thank you Il Divo for this absolutely beautiful, beautiful song.

In Memory of my Mum | Reviewer: sue | 11/8/13

It will be a year tomorrow that I lost my Mum and my Best Friend she was the world to me. I had this song played at her funeral as we carried the coffin. Thank you Il Divo for saying everything for me that day I wanted to say to my Mum. Irene Hudson now with my Dad James

LOST MY MOM ON 14.06.2013 | Reviewer: ANGELA TROLLIP | 7/2/13



My mother went to heaven | Reviewer: Reza | 6/27/13

I lost my mother 115 days ago. she was just 47 and I'm 23. I'm just graduating from college and I wish she was with me. Thank u Il Divo for the lovely song that makes my eyes wet. I had lots of unsaid words...

thank you | Reviewer: lesa carter | 4/27/13

I lost my mum in 2005 and this song is just beautiful,I always cry when I hear this,its so true and meaningful,I would do anything to have my mum back but this is not to be so this song makes me feel as close as I can ever get to her again,I miss you mum xx

So true! | Reviewer: Kay Gardner | 11/18/12

I heard Mama on the radio for the first time today. I was driving and had to pull over because the tears were streaming down my face. My darling Mum passed in March this year and sums up how I feel about my Mum and I am who I am because of Mum, and Dad (who has also passed) Thank you Il Divo I will cherish this song and play it often and think of my fantastic Mum x

touching song that alway's makes me cry | Reviewer: Louise xox | 8/13/12

Thank you Il Divo for that marvelous song that touch me right to my heart. I wouldn't be able to express myself better. This song was meant for me and my son's. I will be opening the floor dance with my son at his wedding with that song.I think that many tears will comme down at that moment.

Thank you IL DIVO :) XO

I love you so much mama | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/12

mama is the one who always takes all the risks for her matter how hard the hurricane could be.she has unrequited love for her kids,loving and caring is her best.there's something in my heart when I said "I love you so much mama"

Why I love this song | Reviewer: eNVy | 12/8/11

The first time I heard this song was when my girlfriend played it for me, and I cried. I told her that "I did not have a "mother" in my life. My mom was a drug addict who put her happiness and desires before her own kids. When I heard this song, it reminded me that I am who I am today, because I saw what her demons were doing to her, and I chose not to take that path".

I look at my life now, and I've realized that even though she was a drug addict, and a very neglectful woman, I am thankful that she was in my life. It took me my whole life thus far to realize it (I'm 19 now), but I am who I am because of her, and I would not change that for the world. This song still makes me cry, not because I'm jealous of those who had a mother who cared for them, but because it still touches upon a part of me that never got to say good bye.
RIP mom

The strongest women I ever met | Reviewer: Andre | 12/1/11

My mom is the most patient and strongest mowan in the world. She races me alone and always try to make me happy. And there is always smile in her face even I know she scream in her heart "Jesus help us". I'm sorry for every tears and I promise you I'll make you always smile. *Kiss and hug.

awesome song for mama | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/11

having heard this song,my tears went goes without saying, i was so thankful to God who gave me a very wonderful adopted mother. she loved me and taught me lots of simple life lessons. she passed away last July on 22th (91 years old), Thank you God for giving me such a nice mother. I will always love and remember her until the end my life on earth.
thanks for Il Divo,GBU.

Tribute to Mama | Reviewer: Connie | 8/30/11

I just buried my mother a week ago. She was a wonderful mother and person, and opened her heart and home unconditionally to adopt my brothers and me, and take in foster children. This song truly says it all, and I played it to her often during her last week of life, after she suffered a stroke at 92. Mama, thank you, and thank you Il Divo, for recording this. I wanted it played at her funeral, and although that wasn't possible, I had the lyrics printed in the memorial folder and had it played at her wake and visitation service. It brought tears to all! Thank you, Mama, for being you, and God, for bringing us into her life.

the greatest love in the world | Reviewer: ria hapsari | 8/20/11

this song is so beautiful.. I cried whenever I listened to it. Mother's my best friend ever! She loves me and I do love her too. I'm sure this song represents all kids' feelings to their mothers. I'm hopeful that I can always do my best to my lovely mom. U too, friends!
Listen to it and u'll realize how much she loves us although we often treat her badly.. mother is the greatest gift God has given to me..

personal to me most touching song ever | Reviewer: kiwi keith | 12/5/10

I lost the best mum who was always my rock when i was growing up ,and even when todate at 56years. the words just sum up everything tears fall freely and i dont worry who is is a beatiful song and anyone who loves their mum or has just lost one i say listen to it and be proud of your mum

I can not believe! | Reviewer: Noemi | 7/5/10

I found all the words, I said to my Mom before I went to see her. I found the song " Mama" by Il DIVO. I talked to her on the phone 2 days before I flew to my country.
I wasn't sure she would still be alive when I got there; as soon as she saw me ,she said to me " I told you, I would wait for you. I don't have nothing to forgive you for, but I had o lot to thank you for over the years.
Thanks for the pace you give me on my hearth.