thank you | Reviewer: jackie | 2/12/10

This song seems to mean something different to me than it does to everyone else. My mum is still here with us. I am the middle child and seem to have suffered middle child syndrome all my life and know that I'm not loved by my mum like my brother and sister are and every problem in my life always seems to come back to my mum. Nothing has gone quite as planned for me and that disappoints my mum greatly and all I want is for her to be happy with my life. Jackie x

Beautiful tribute to all mothers from their grown children | Reviewer: Donna | 6/1/09

I first heard this song in 2007, 12 years after my beloved mother passed away, and it brought tears of longing for the mom I still miss terribly all these years later. It also sums up so well what I would say to my mom if I had just one more chance to tell her how much she has meant to me and how much I love and miss her. I truly hope she is proud of the the adult I have grown into, certainly wiser now than I was when she was still alive. The song is a blessing to my heart and I play it often.

On Wednesday, 06/03/09, Il Divo will be performing at the Rose Garden in Portland, OR and I will be there very close to front & center!!! I can hardly wait!!!

The must beatiful song written | Reviewer: Eva | 5/25/09

Thank you Il Divo for this beautiful and meaningful song, so perfect for our Mamas, a gift for them and a reminder to us kids about what a Mother should mean to all of us. I just lost my Mama December 31st, and I miss her so, so much, every day, she was the must wonderful, loving and devoted mother in the world, her birthday is on the 30th of this month and I will dedicate this song to her. I'm looking forward to see you in your concert in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on June 26th, I have tickets already... Thank you for all your beatiful songs... I'm love you all and God bless you.

Great song | Reviewer: Valerie | 3/27/09

I just lost my mother this week unexpectedly at the age of 54. Just last week she told me how much she loved Il Divo so today I'm playing this song at her memorial service. When I first listened to it, it made me cry because it was just so beautiful and perfect and I thought then that I would want to play it when she passed. I just didn't expect it to be so soon...
Love your moms, you never know when you might lose them!

Thank you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/09

My best friend and co-worker has just passed away tonight after a long time battle with bone and lung cancer. This was her favorite song and her son is going to try to sing it at her funeral. It is a song that means so much to him, his mom and me. Thank you! I look forward to your concert in Calgary in May this year. A beloved fan Bill C

forever mama | Reviewer: rose | 1/8/09

It is hard to express in words the bond between a mother and her chi1dren. It is made of iron and cannot be broken. This song rea11y puts it into words and my boys te11 me that they are what they are because of me and so this song means a 1ot to me and it a1ways make me cry but makes me proud to be a Mama. Thank you I1 Divo

a very loveeeeeeely song | Reviewer: venessa | 11/22/08

honestly i would love to thank god for the oppourtunity goven that i was able to hear this song. this song really makes me think of my mom as the most precious thing in this world and i would love to thank you il divo for writing such a nice song.

love you heaps
from one of your hottest fan

perfect song | Reviewer: teejmendez | 9/26/08

This is the perfect song for all the sons and daughters out there to offer to their mothers. I have recenlty lost my Mom, not half a year ago, and this song makes me cry everytime I hear it. It brings all the meanings together of why we have our moms. And it also reminds us that even though they may not be around, it is Who we are, because of their truth, and that we owe it all to our moms...

il divo - mama | Reviewer: Kaltrina | 8/22/08

its one of my favorite songs of il divo..It desribes perfectly all the mothers in the world..and love of theirs.
I love my mom.and she means everything to me.So this song goes for her.
She's the greatest mother in the world.

for all the moms in the world - il divo - mama

great song..keep writting..and singin great you have till now.

thank's for remembering me for my lovely mom | Reviewer: Irfan Maulidi | 3/2/08

It is so wonderful for me to hear this song. I heard this song for the first in Cincinnati, US. My tears dry my face when I heard this song. This song discribes precisly as my mom to be. This song, I will give to my lovely mom when I arrived in my country Cilegon, Indonesia. thanks il divo and do not stop loving your mom.

Mothers | Reviewer: Athene. | 1/23/08

I love this song. Its so sweet and it really helps you to remember how lucky you are if you still have your mother. Everybody should play it for their mothers so they would know that you love theme.Even though their a real pain in the ass sometimes. Love your mothers before its too late.

A wonderful song | Reviewer: Hollis | 1/6/08

This song is a wonderful one and I'm thanking Il Divo for singing it. They are wonderful and they've "brainwashed" me to become their fan. I love their song and I can't really wait for their new albums.
Let's stop talking about them and their wondrous performance shall we? Well, believe it or not... I cried when I heard about this song. You can't really expect it from a man like me. I rarely cry but this time, the song reminded me to my own mother. Through this song, I remembered about my past clashes with my mother, and I still feel guilty towards her nowadays. I still can't get over my sadness because she always show her love and devotion towards her children despite my stubborn opposition..

A wonderful song | Reviewer: Hollis | 1/6/08

This song is wonderful!!! Believe it or not, the lyrics made me cry (it is hard for me to cry, as I am somewhat a "cold" man) as I recalled my childhood days... my debts towards my mum, and how selfless her sacrifice is... And I'm thinking of singing this song when I get married. I want to make everyone see how wonderful my mother is... I want to show everyone who is the most wonderful person in this world.

tears but happy! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/07

my mom passed away 2 years ago.. im still rly young im only 19 but me and my sisters we sang this song in her funeral nd whenever i listen to this song i start cryin.. hope my mom was still with me but i cant do anythin.. just remember her with a big smile and try not to cry!!!
enjoy ur mom 100 % if u still have it... if u dont ull regret it 4 the rest of ur life!!!
mariah lopez

Breath taking Lyrics | Reviewer: Marcia | 11/28/07

The lyrics to this song are "Breath taking", and it touches everyone that hears it. I just found the lyrics and will be sending it to everyone that I love so that they can share it with their "Loved One's". I am so lucky to still have my mom who will be 93 February 3rd, and I know I will be using these lyrics for her. God Bless you "Il Divo, you are 4 Beautiful Men, who have given so much to this world. Keep on singing.