It's inspirational | Reviewer: Mary-ann | 9/24/14

I believe in you.this song made me to believe in myself that i can do anything that seems impossible for me to gives me courage to carry on and get to the place of my expectation

Am i listenin' to angels voices? | Reviewer: Adeboye Bennard | 4/15/14

I must praise Simon Cowell for bringin' together these great n wonderful guys ''IL DIVO''...they're amazin'...n for my female idol ''Celine Dion'', she's always at her best anytime anyday...when i first listened to this great track...i was moved n i felt i was in heaven listenin' to angels' voices...i love the track n i can do anythin' in God through the great track..nothin' is impossible...KUDOS TO IL DIVO & CELINE DION...LOVE U lookin' forward to meetin' u guys someday.

13-02-2014 | Reviewer: Eve | 2/13/14

So soft.
They sang that song and i sank.
When i listen at this song i got my strength and my dare back. At least i'm n0t afraid in facing all of my trouble in my life. I love this s0ng.

The best song ever! It brought me closer to... | Reviewer: Rets'epile Setleli | 2/10/14

Its one of the best duet i have ever listened to and i give all the gredit to Il divo and Celine Dion. What a classical melody...reminds me of the guy um currently dating, bless him!

every time i hear to this song, i find my strength | Reviewer: Azizah Rasyid | 11/3/13

i was hopeless, i don't know what must supposed to do when the problems came like rain. and when i heard this song it felt like there's someone out there believed that i could through this. no mater how hard it is.
Thank you :)
God Bless You Guys.

I Believe In You | Reviewer: Carmelina Burgas | 9/23/13

First of all I love the singer specially Celine Dion for she is my idol
Now I love this song a lot I mean so much my insperation to myself. When I first heard this song on the radio I make my phone ready for recording so I did not sleep or do anything until the DJ play it again so I can record it. I've got it recorded then I played it over and over again while my tears fall down to my cheeks; I remember my husband he died of murder that he is going to a restless road of no turning back. This song reminds me of my whole life the lyrics is so true although the french I don't understand but I can feel the beauty of the song. So I save this song for my future for I loved this song to death. Now I considered myself an angel of darkness. Hope to have more songs from Il Divo Good Luck.


Atayanda | Reviewer: Atayanda | 7/7/13

First tym i heard ths song i was in an awkward situation nd it made me strong,i repeated it so many times i even went 2 google 4 the transformation of the french part 2 tuk ma whole attention,celine iz ma inspiration lv u so much,bst voice il divo...

goshhh | Reviewer: omi | 5/23/13

Thanks Sweet Jesus for giving me such beautiful chance to listen this ridicolously beautiful song. Angelic voices and calmness theme of the melodies quite enough to make me chills all the time when I'm listening to this song....

I believe in you | Reviewer: micah panggabean ( north sumatra/ indonesia) | 4/27/13

I like so much this song.. this song make my feel so calm.. and if we believe.. we are able to face our problem,, and this song make me remember my conductor.. he is finishing his study in German... success for you.. sir.. GOD BLESS US :)

nothing match this song | Reviewer: sena moses s | 12/10/12

it's remembering me to my friend, that we have promise to meet again in this year cristmas. I wish He already make His plan for us,
'may the God's blessing always be with you... Amen'(unforgetable for me)

so amazing | Reviewer: Diem | 5/5/12

Angelic and amazing song.
I cant stop listening that song.
Thanks to God and each one who is particpated to create that powerful song.

I feel alive listening that song.
Thanks God, thanks All

outstanding | Reviewer: pixie | 3/28/12

first listen to this amazing song 6 years ago, oh gosh so inspired. when i'm down..y know its like give me a power, that everything will be alright, i cried so much & then "ok, life is hard but don't ever think to give up"!! face it & really love whole the lyric "There's nothing that you cannot do"!! :D

Best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/12

This song is de best! My Dad travelled down to Aussie last year and whilst reveiwing his travel videos we heard this song it captured our minds that we started searching for it on-line...
Now it has become our Family Favourite

Grandoise!!! | Reviewer: loubeling (philippines) | 9/1/11

When i saw and heard (through CD) Il Divo sang this song in their concert at the US, I took the effort of looking up the lyrics, because it captured my aesthetic sense. Since then, I kept singing the song until i memorized the words.


Perfect duet | Reviewer: Qikay Mofu (papua-indonesia) | 8/28/11

Oh my God. . .
I cant stop to listening this s0ng. . .
This s0ng make me always remember to my best friend. . .
ll divo & celline dion, thx for your s0ng. .
It's my inspired. .
Once again, i cant stop for listening this s0ng