its beautiful | Reviewer: ama | 11/13/10

its such a beautiful song,i cry every time i listen and yet i can't stop listening,its so true and comforting and i feel like anything is possible now.thank you celine dion and il divo,you are beautiful.

glorious song | Reviewer: hotaru | 6/8/09

i heard this song for the first time on a wedding party i attended along with my husband; and i instantly cried, it was like i feel something divine, all about good things, something heal all the pain this world suffered from.

it's a beautiful song, glorious, yet soothing, inspiring, a song that talks to you personally, amazing and angelic voice of those who sang it even make it better

HEART REACHING | Reviewer: johnpaul(kenya) | 4/7/08

May be its just me but all I can say is that the lyrics to this song actually speak to many lonely,broken&hopeless persons out there.It is outstanding,lovely,kind,comforting&above all,reflects the true artistic nature of the two musicians,they are unmatched to any other musician.Yes I believe in them!

wonderful | Reviewer: aigherim | 1/6/08

well, all I can say, it is really wonderful song. I can only Imagine heaven - beautiful places, and there is so many angels...and of course, its about love. and i do believe i will find someday my love!

astounding song | Reviewer: mandy | 1/3/08

i've always loved celine dions songs BIG FAN know most of her english songs off by heart but this one once i heard i didnt know the words to it so i just had to go the internet and sing along with the words i love all of her songs including her new one taking chances love celine dion xxxxxxxxx

to me from God... | Reviewer: meie | 11/18/07

the first time I heard this song, it hit my heart in a very special way. I needed something to lift me up, and listening to this song.. it was like I heard God singing it to me...

thanks | Reviewer: sarah | 11/9/07

thanks dear Celine &Divo 4 this unbeiievable song Iuse 2 repeat it 4 times &times nice voice.Sir,Divo ur voice is incredible Ilike paritons. Gog bless you

great!!!!! Awsome!!!! | Reviewer: Ferry S | 10/27/07

I have always love Celine Dion. Always and forever. That's a perfect song. Incrideble voice. Nobody can do like that. Awfull

Belief | Reviewer: Nomia Machebe | 10/9/07

To me this song is about finding God: be it God up above in heaven, or somewhere inside one'self. Yes, it is also about finding love because God is love, everlasting love.
Both Celine and Il Divo are a blessing!

I Believe In You (Celine Dion & Il Divo) | Reviewer: BnyKty | 9/29/07

Their performance.
Their voices.
This music.

Never I would get tired of this song. Everytime I listen to it, I always think of crying.

Their performance is one of the best I have ever seen.
Their voices are very beautiful and powerful.
This music is incredible and heavenly.

Album | Reviewer: Leslie | 9/28/07

In which Il-Divo album is this song available? I found one at "On Ne Change Pas" by CĂ©line Dion only.

Starstruck | Reviewer: roxanne | 9/23/07

Yes. i caught that song over the radio for the first time many months ago... and yes, was i totally blown off.

It is beautiful.

Awesome!!! | Reviewer: Suzanne | 9/19/07

The arrangement of the I Believe in You single by Il Divo and Celine Dion is absolutely incredible. I play it to the max volume and cannot believe the power and movement in the music. The melding of voices and musical arrangement is heavenly...I want to listen to it until I am old and gray...thank you all for performing this selection and perfect piece of music!!! You are all awesome!!! Make more wonderful music and don't stop!

Cette chanson... | Reviewer: Razzy | 9/10/07

There are many inspirational songs out there, but this one, this particular one is just heaven sent.

The voices of Il Divo, accented with the power of Celine Dion did put this song way up my list. The first time I heard this song, I had goosebumps all over. It is soooo powerful I had to listen to it over and over and over and over again and still I can't seem to get tired of it.

I played this song to my students, they were all agape in awe.

Such a great song.. | Reviewer: Sarah | 8/28/07

Il Divo and Celine Dion do a fantastic job on this song. First time i heard it, it almost made me cry, it affected me that much. Beautiful.