Everytime I Look at You | Reviewer: lolita | 1/15/09

Hearing il Divo sing my husband and I just fell in love all over again. Their songs spin us back to memories we love to remember and reminisce, of yesteryears - down the memory lane - Kudos to il divo

A gift from heaven.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/08

I first heard this song on You Tube. It was done as a music video to tell the love story of my favorite couple on General Hospital (GH). I love the song; everyhting about it, lyrics, harmonies, melody and of course Il Divo. It’s even more emotional and personal to me because of that couple on GH. It makes want to find a love like this. Il Divo they are so amazing; their music is a gift from heaven.

Incredible! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/08

This is such an amazing song.. conjures up emotions and makes it so real!!
this is the first Il Divo sonf I have listened and I am totally in love with them.. going to find more songs by them!!! makes me cry everytime I listen to it.. wonderful..!!

love all they do | Reviewer: Betts | 12/5/07

I love every song they sing they sing so beautifully. I love Everytime I look at you and I understand Spanish so I love that, and the I believe is awesome with Celine Dion. They need to make more cds.

Everytime I Look At You | Reviewer: natasha aliah | 7/11/07

This such a great song even i dont understand
the spanish language but i had been listening
to this song so many times. My request, would u
please send me the song lyric in spanish. Thanks

It is so sweet! | Reviewer: Monique | 5/3/07

I like this song , because it is so full of romance and love and its remembers me Urs , because i get lost every time i look at him...

Amazing | Reviewer: Da Vinci Fan Ashlin | 2/13/07

This song is amazing!
Il Divo are very good but you have not lived until you hear it by the group Da Vinci.
Please go on our website www.davincifanclub.piczo.com to find out all about them. Thank you!

Da Vinci!!! | Reviewer: Da Vinci Fan Ashlin | 2/13/07

Il Divo are very good but you have not lived until you hear the group Da Vinci sing it! Please go on www.davincifanclub.piczo.com to find out all about Da Vinci!

To be cherished .... | Reviewer: Ev | 2/17/07

When I first heard Il Divo perform this song, I sat ther tears rolling down my face, each lyric reminding me of a love lost but never forgotten. Beautiful sentiments, powerfully and emotively portrayed.

love it! | Reviewer: joy | 1/31/07

Sooooo romantic. This is how love should be and anyone who have a love such as this should treasure and nurture it. Viva Il Divo!