The Best the Idlewild have been. | Reviewer: Ben Moore | 2/26/2008

There first album was week for any mainstream market so i gave it respect for that solely. This song is part of one of their best album and since i heard them live for the first time in Edinburgh i was captured by their peroformance even though they were given a crap techinical set up. (one thing to any fans of Idlewild out their who may have been at Hogmanay- did you notice the extra amps that were brought on for the so called band Kasabian? a travesty of justice to such a derserving band!)

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Skirmich | 1/6/2008

i´ve never before heard about Idlewild but it Fucking Rocks man i hope there´s only a little more hype about them on VH1 or MTV dunno Keep on Rocking!! my Fav song is No Emotion!

good song | Reviewer: Kiki | 7/31/2007

hey i absolutly love the song a modern way of letting go its one of my fav songs