When | Reviewer: Ruppert | 12/21/08

will these great beastly powerhouses of RAW EMOTION tour the states... i recently discovered this band and was instantly captivated by listening to Wolf from The Blessed album. Keep up the amazing music Shaffer and Go Ten Thousand Strong with the music

Incredible live. | Reviewer: Kayla | 5/11/08

I traveled to Quebec City to see Nightwish on the 9th,
and Sonic Syndicate and Iced Earth were a part part the venue.
Iced Earth drove the crowd INSANE.
It was fucking brilliant.
I'm for sure going to see them again. :)

Iced Earth: Still one of the best metal bands around! | Reviewer: Sara K | 9/13/07

Iced Earth have always been one of the best metal bands around, and they still are today. I was crushed when Matt Barlow left, as he was and still is one of my fave metal singers of all time. I really didn't think Ripper could replace Matt, but amazingly, he has! It took a while to get used to him singing with them, but he has stamped his own mark on the band. And Iced Earth are just as much an important band on the metal scene now as when Matt was with them. And Jon Schaffer can still belt out a killer song or 3, as their storming new album proves! Jon is still the best rhythm guitarist out there! His songwriting is different to how it was before, but still awesome. As metal bands go, Iced Earth are one of the very best, and they get top marks from me. Go Jon and Iced Earth!

My Opinion | Reviewer: stinger | 9/7/07

What more can one say about this band that hasn't already been said. They are one of the best bands out there,They have talent musically and lyrically,Watching Over Me is one of my many favorites, I liked this band from the very start the first album I listened to was Dark Saga great album every song on this album rocks and from that point on I couldn't get enough of them Despite Matthew Barlow leaving the band is still great.

Iced Earth and Megadeth, | Reviewer: Ariel | 6/22/07

Yeah I saw this together in Fort Wayne, IN. Was an awesome show. Iced Earth has always been a great band. It combines the sound of all the bands I love (Megadeth, Priest, Iron Maiden, etc.) I left this show extremely mentally alive. I love music that can combine sound and lyrics to motivate my life somehow. This stuff is great. Now I just wish they'd do a few more shows.

Hello | Reviewer: Harix | 6/15/07

Hello guys,I just wanna say that Iced Earth is very good band of metal music!just keep doing that

Agreed | Reviewer: The Demon | 5/9/07

'Iced Earth is one of the best bands out there today. Not only do they have awesome lyrics, but they also have some extremely kick ass riffs. I give Iced Earth 10 thumbs up.'

They are not just one of todays greats, they've been around years. And Schauffer (however its spelt) does not sound like a fucked up priest, only a priest but not ficked up. Just listened to Dracula, it's amazing.

All hail Iced Earth | Reviewer: Eli | 3/28/05

Iced Earth are an awesomely passionate band which combine gothic metal with oldschool pantera/iron maiden like beats, drama of instruments in symphonic metal with occasionally heavy sounds. They are a great representation of the genre gothic metal. Their sound is unique, and their songs amazing. If you like Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Iron Maiden or anything with a fantasy theme, lots of good instruments and musically balanced and well written songs then Iced Earth deserve a look.

Iced Earth rule!

All Hail Iced Earth | Reviewer: Sara | 9/30/04

Iced Earth is one of the best bands out there today. Not only do they have awesome lyrics, but they also have some extremely kick ass riffs. I give Iced Earth 10 thumbs up.