Great lyrics, but whats with these comments??? | Reviewer: Nate_dawg | 1/12/12

Im not black, but theres a good deal of ignorant ass comments by some fagot ass people on hear. Why are you putting this shit on a page dedicated the lyrics of ICE CUBE? Go nack on your white power website where the government can monitor you and hunt you down.

FCK CRACKERS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/11

all u crackers do is hate. U hate me cuz u aint me bitch. Satan made crackers and jesus was black it says it in the bible stupid. So was most of um idiot. Black is the most dominate race in the world we take over EVERYTHING BITCH. just look around prick.


GOOD SONG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/11

i want to say fuck yall. do you know how it feels missing meals. have you ever had your lights cut off or your gas shut off. takeing cold showers. do you know how it feels to wear the same shoes year after year. so fuck yall this song talks about why we do the thing we do. Its not beacuse we want to its because we have to money makes the world go round, but we dont have it. i see yall anonymous PUSSY's if have some to say look me up and pray i dont find you. DERRICK PORCHAY! P.S. yall dont know what we have been through

truth | Reviewer: cube | 2/26/11

there is a few racist mofos up in here!
Every hood in the ghetto is the same because of the system!!!
Laws are made by the rich and powerful who, obviously, don't want the people from below to take over. Instead they feed the poor minorities with drugs and guns. The poor are more likely to be black because of racism. The poor are more marginalized with bullshit laws who later gives them a home called the prison. Why build prisons when they won't solve problems? The poor are scapegoats of society, unfortunately.

Overall, great song! it speaks the truth.

Its à good song | Reviewer: Rich White Male | 12/25/10

Good song about how you poor Black people live; Lets keep it that way. And yes i Am à racist but as long i Am wealthy i dont care about you slaves, THE only thing you good for is cleaning my shoes. Up yours

Why we thugs | Reviewer: kip. | 10/2/10

I like this song but I do not agree with some of the comments from people of my color(black). I agree that our reality is fucked up; that we always have to fight it off every fucking day. However, we cannot come off it if we idle around and let the past control our lives;we need to pull ourselves up and struggle to have a better life. Nice song!!!!!

420 | Reviewer: jonette | 4/22/10

This song makes me feel happy as fuck!!! I love it,it's the shit. How true, it's cool for the goverment to put poor people in projects like animals and expect us to act civilized to one another. people don't like to live on top of one another. we need our space to, if people would be spaced out properly then maybe there would be less fighting, less killing. And we all know who controls the drug trade so how dare they lock up people for buying into the biggest money making scheme of all time. Gold Oil Drugs (GOD) to the goverment, a tool for globle control if you can't tax it then it's illegal. Social security cards are slave numbers were all slaves so get your goverment mug shots at the nearest DMV and smile.
that is why we thugs peace out!!!!

We$t$IDE fo lifeeee | Reviewer: We$t$ide fo lifeee | 3/25/10

Dis song is fuckin amazin. To anonymous.. Shut the fuck up nigguh remember tht black people did not come to America the white people brought us here. It's hard to get education when the fucking white people are racist bitches and prevent us from getting an education.

DDDOOOOOPPPEE | Reviewer: west side!!! | 9/15/09

hahahaha damn i love dis song so much, ice cube be spittin tight shit! xD itz true, he be describin shit we see alot in some urban cities, like san jose in cali and philly. ice cube is da dopest gangsta rappa who ever lived!!! and fo some of u hataz, fuck u. dam i bet all of ya haterz be jealous cuz u realize u just pussies who sit on yo chairs typin shit, but in reality yall cant even do shit. fuckin stupid-ass monkeys.

Great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/09

Good song, it definitely covers the reality of urban life for many.

To the anonymous commenter: I suggest that before you remark on the intellect of another individual you return to elementary school and learn the fundamental difference between "your" and "you're". Actually, improving your (proper usage!) entire grammatical structure would benefit you greatly.

Idiot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/09

Who gave you guns? Who gave you drug? You mean, I bought them right. You moron. Your a thug cause your and idiot. Why not do like every other minority that ever came to the usa and, oh yeah, get an education and a job. Quit using the same ol;d stupid excuse. If you want to be treated like a man, ACT LIKE ONE!

Genuine WEST SIDE !! \ I / | Reviewer: Matias | 11/10/07

Yeah that's right , it is good , but you know why ? cuz it talks about tha muthaphuckin' reality , that reality we gotta deal with every fuckin' day of our lives ...
Im out ..
See yaa homies

ice baby | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/07

man i went to go see the ice man on the weekend it was good and i love this song...a yea yeaaaaaa...

word | Reviewer: iceice | 8/28/07

good thing i havent seen any haters on here..
this song is ill, if u dont like it.. your retarded or sumthin...
love ya ice


about the song why we thugs performed by ice-cube | Reviewer: felicita hunter | 8/13/07

this song is awsome i love it rocks ma my street every day we just bounce to it can't stop playin it you done a good job and i'm gonna miss you