awsome | Reviewer: ellen | 5/16/07

this song is awsome because it has ice cube in it and ice cube is a very very very gud singer and this song roxs my house

Ice cube | Reviewer: Dj Kimo _ Boii | 4/30/07

well all i can say Nice Work Mate .... il c u soon by Da way Cuz ministry is gon b in LA for a smoove party n il c u buddy

Great | Reviewer: Awesome | 4/10/07

This song is sure one of the top 5 ice's songs.. Awesome, good job, keep it up!

he is the beeeeeeest | Reviewer: rena | 3/26/07

yo yo ice ice no can be like ice cube ,god he is song its so strong man keep going i wish for u the best ,really and why i like this song cuz it talks about what happends in the street so keep it up ^_^

Wicked | Reviewer: K Unit | 2/19/07

This song is one of the best ice cube songs, I cant stop listening to it. good work ice cube ;)

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Da Cube, still going strong.... | Reviewer: Rupz | 10/24/06

Ice Cube has done it yet again... his songs make your head bounce... Why We Thugs is another example of a Hip Hop that tune that will continue to rule. Good Shit Ice.... you da man!

Hot Beat | Reviewer: Clyde Cayetano | 2/28/06

Ice Cube Hits another one. This is one of his first featured in his new album: Laugh Now, Cry Later. With the Intense 'Boom-boom' beat, lyrics about his life are clearly rapped in. A Must-have song for any hip-hop/rap fan.