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Performed by Ice Cube

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I Thought The Same Thing for YEARS!!! | Reviewer: Spirit | 6/15/10

Just a correction and it's funny cuz I thought the same thing for years... It wasn't til I met my boyfriend that he corrected me and we laugh about it to this day. I even taught my little sister who is 13 years younger than me so she had to be about 11, the wrong lyrics too! This is crazy!

...Grubbin like a Mutha Fucka, Greasy ass lips now I gots to take a shit/Saw Sir Jinx Bailin

Ruthelen is a street in Los Angeles the neighborhood Cube grew up in.
I used to say "When I hit a left, a Move Fell In... So I am diggin yo lyrics to say the least... Now I know I am not the only one!
Have a great one!

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