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cube | Reviewer: deidra | 2/21/13

I love u.. i appreciate ur change n ur life... a real man.. hatd core man.. i named my daughter lashea.... because of u... Thank u Oshea Jackson.. i am one of ur biggest fans from begginning til Friday... just want to let u i am grown. Im 42 and i stl....l enjoy u... wit lots of respect... Big up to u for becoming a changed man........THANK U ICE CUBE

you are my inspration | Reviewer: terry carter | 9/4/11

Whats up cube, like you I too was raised up in south central LA and I am 50 years into the old school music and that time of life.I will never forget the first time I heard your song Fuck all my X bitches, at that time my first two oldest sons were into the rap music and although I was into R and B and smooth jazz I was turned into A Ice cube fan.I then asked my son to let me listen to the entire CD after that I told my boy this guy is good and if he can keep his life together and not let Drugs and common thugs, and oh yea and some of those crazy money hungry ho,s get you in the news in A negative spotlight. But cube I loved the way your music was mixed in and with the helluva words or lyrics that you sang about the black man in america and how the po po is trying to see how many black men they can lock up and keep in the pen,because this shit been going on for A long time and your song penitentiary tells the world how our black men have to face in the hood. Now cube me and all 5 of my sons love your music, and friday and next friday and friday after next to me they are all classic no matter how many times we watch them we always crack up. now the main reason I am writing you for the first time I am trying to make my money as I read in your life story,and I am presently trying to write my life's biography.Of you probably are wandering whats so special about my life story.let me give you A quick summary, I was born with Albinism or Albino and as A kid I use to listen to Marven gay all the and the words I come up hard I had to fight because I was raised and lived in all black back then neighborhoods. So not only was I white I was blind to so I know you know how important good vision can be in A mans life, oh did I say man I ment BLACK MANS life. My real father is black and from the south and my mom is A light skinned black woman also from the south so as far as I was concerned I was A BLACK MAN I just had blond hair, big lips, and I always wore big thick ass black shades that gave the kids one more nickname to call me I remember the day one of my first cousins said hey y'all here comes that blind ass Nigga terry and everybody started laughing like hell he said look at that nigga with them black ass shades he look like ray charles only this NIGGA is WHITE. This is only A small sample of the kinds of shit Ive had to put up with all my life. I got so many true stories of my money struggles with drugs and and times when I almost lost and took my own life.One day while me and my two oldest sons was chilling out back smoking A FAT ASS O. G. PINEAPPLE CUSH BLUNT one of them said dad you should write A book about your life story cause everytime you start smoking that weed you start telling them funny as stories about all those thing that happened to you in your life and you are still here to tell them go for it dad can you be having us cracking up. Now Mr ICE CUBE Ive seen mostly all your movies, you are A helluva producer, you still and always will be one the first rap music that I and respect and admire and one of most things I like about you is the fact that every since I first heard of you and your music regardless of what the po po say I have never heard of ice cube getting into trouble with the law or drugs and you are still with your same wife and you are raising your 4 kids like A real BLACK man is supposed to do. I want you and John Singleton to make A movie of my story and I want to play myself, Oh and I do have some sight and I believe I can act Ive been acting all my life.Did you know that their are over 230 movies starring ALBINOS in them and they are always portrayed as mean and evil oh yea and aliens from another planet. I want this movie to tell what its really like to be A poor BLACK ALBINO IN THE HOOD not A BAD TITLE for the book and movie. Mr cube even though I have never spoken to you, I believe that you are the kind of man that if you can you will help another brother as long as he is trying to help himself trust me cube this is just what you are looking for something new and different and alot of times VERY V
ERY VERY FUNNY I hope and pray that you read this if you do please send me A email message all I ask is for A chance because I am so dam tired of being A broke ass nigga, come on man take A chance on me I will not fail you. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. I hope to meet with you someday soon. Terry Carter

Family Tree Connections | Reviewer: Ronnie Moody | 4/19/11

Whats up cube i admire you and your success and fame Iam a fan of yours and may be your causin too I have a causin from westoakland Anthony Scott I just met on my quest to find out my roots and ancestors and who my relatives are i looked at the family reunion book too! and im a friend of Raynard Cummings on death row from LA, I wanted to meet you and Master P and Scottie Pippin brother may be in our family tree aswell i hear from other family and causins but never met them yet. Ive done alot of time and tryna get off parole I discharge in july 2011 and me and anthony might come down there to LA together and if possible i need a job or a little help

Ice cube will always be remembered | Reviewer: Bickey | 10/14/10

he will always be remembered as the greatest. the one who didnt lie about it but the one who got straight to the point im from austarlia an on behalf of all us southsea kanakas torrestriat islanders and the aboriginals we solute you and thanks for the movies every black person in this country has seen friday, next friday and fridya after the next also every other movie that you made and we still cant stop laughing and that boys in the hood really struck out to us cause even though we from different countries we still have the same stuggle peace.

I Love Ice! | Reviewer: Tiffany Awsumb | 9/8/10

Since I can remember, Ice Cube has always caught my attention. From the sound of his voice to the gentle nature he has about him even when he is talking s@#t. He is an icon and I would love to meet him one day. I am sure just like other millions of Americans! My husband knows, if I hear Ice, I'm turned on.......

Ice Cube, you are truly an inspiration | Reviewer: Lisa Ransom | 6/25/10

Our soldiers are fighting in a war that never should've been,because one man decided to destroy a city,that was raised up by another man's hand. When will it stop?,our world is falling down,hurricanes,earthquakes,tornadoes,wars all around,& too many loved ones waiting to be found. When will it stop?,our world is falling apart,Mothers,Fathers,& Children are striving to make a brandnew start. Give a little hope,say a little prayer,let those you love know that you care. Make a change,it's time for all this pain to cease,when will it stop?,God grant this WORLD some PEACE. by:Sara Ransom I wrote this poem after what happened in Haiti and in memory of those in 911, Poetry is music,Music is poetry and because of artist like Ice Cube, people all over the world can be inspired by his music and the message he sends thru his music and that you can overcome the struggles that our world throws at us for unexpected reasons. GOD BLESS YOU CUBE.

westcoast owner of the entire rap game ice cube | Reviewer: jimbo | 1/16/10

no body can fuck with ice cube . wc ice cube owns the entire west coast as well as the w and anyone throwing up the dub needs to pay cube and if u aint on the westside lench mob then ur on broke status and if u dissagree then i c ur needing to bow down nd kiss the pinky ring jimbo

Ice Cube is Awesome! | Reviewer: Joelle | 5/28/07

ice cube is awesome! hez been around for awhile now, and hez still doing it big! he will alwayz be one of tha best!

Best Songs | Reviewer: Stan | 5/9/07

It Was A Good Day, Check Yo Self, What Can I Do, Ghetto Bird, Dopeman, How To Survive In South Central, My Summer Vaction, Steady Mobbin, Nigga Ya Love To Hate, Once Upon A Time In The Projects, A Gangsta Fairytale, Friday, Dead Homiez, Color Blind, and Fuck Dying

I Know Your Cousin. | Reviewer: Isabela Santana | 4/19/07

Is Tyrah Sullivan really your cousin because at our school is keeps on saying that she's your cousin. Please write back and tell me if she really is your cousin. How come you make fun of slim shady in the next friday?

The little bro. I (wish) I had | Reviewer: Al Pollard | 4/9/07

Hey, yo I`m from DC and if you saw me, you might think Ice Cube is my brother,thats what some people say or tease me about.I just know the first time I heard NWA,it blew me away,and for some reason, Cube was the one who got my attention, I was checkin out the RAPS he wrote, and said, this is a smart young dude, and ever since,I check out every and anything he does,cause I know it`s gonna be on time. You gotta see me to believe me-

ice cube is great | Reviewer: sweet mimi | 4/7/07

you are really funny especially in are we there yet because thats how kids can really be in life and you played your part very well and handled it as if it wasnt a movie but real life my kids love to watch that movie i know they are going to enjoy the new one when im able to afford it when it comes on dvd because im tryong to raise all five of them by myself so you know how that can be but keep up the good work

Art the U.S. Flag So Cal to N.Y. City W/LOVE | Reviewer: Jackson George Nash 1rst | 4/9/07

From one ARTIST to another; TY for the abilty to produce true art in our mod political landscape without being removed!

today is always a good day for ice cube | Reviewer: shorty | 1/29/05

ice cube is and will always be one of the best in my book. he is more than just a rapper, he's a writer, producer, director, actor, but most imprtantly he's a good father. and that's more than anyone can say about a lot of men.(especially celebs) but keep'n it going, he has always been one of my favorite rappers and actors since i was younger. he has done a lot more than people (the media) give him credit for. i've go much love for the brother. he's a great influence and role model for young african americans such as myself. i hope he keeps doing what he's doing til the end.

Ice Cube's Great!!! | Reviewer: Dusty | 1/22/05

Ice Cube was once a member of NWA with allies Eazy-E & Dr. Dre. His song It Was A Good Day, has an appearance in the game for PS2 GTA: San Andreas.

cool eh?

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