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Performed by ICP (Insane Clown Posse)

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Love this song | Reviewer: Susan | 8/27/09

My son turned me on to ICP and I listen to them regularly. He sent this song to me while we were chatting on Yahoo IM one day and it is my favorite. Everytime I hear it I think of my own 3 grown sons and to this day I would die for them. This is one of ICP's best.

the mom song - a review | Reviewer: juggalettia | 7/29/09

I am a huge icp fan. Now most of their stuff has a certain audience it will attract & nobody else gets it. This song is different. This songs represents what everybody should feel! I lost my mom, when I was 21. I had my first child, & was left to raise her without any help from my mom but everytime I hear this song I cry, & I remember everything my mom ever did for me, & I feel jay & ride not were right when they dedicated that song to all mothers who aren't crack whores & hookers. God bless the mother who holds her child with love!

nothing | Reviewer: amanda | 7/12/07

my borther told me to make that title but whatever. icp is the greatest people in the world and my 2nd favorite song in the world is THUG PIT. yeah everybody together on that one.

the mom song | Reviewer: chris | 6/11/07

dawg dis song is so true all juggalos n lettes need to hear dis

No words could discribe this song. | Reviewer: Juggaloaklocal | 5/23/07

I love to listen to music.
And when i heard this song i thought it was going to put down the moms of random shitty rappers.
but it didnt.
It made me smile and laugh instead of smirking and making fun.
i love Icp.
and every song they make but this one in praticualr is my favorite.
I Heard it and took my phone and called my mom.
i relized that i need to be good to my mom and she will always will be good to me.
I encourage anyone to hear this song because its just so damn great.

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