Reviews for the album The Mighty Death Pop!

Performed by ICP (Insane Clown Posse)

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Dope | Reviewer: anon | 11/28/12

I'm fine with their shit. they have plenty of horrorcore on this album to please those fans, but i actually love the social commentary they have been droppin especially in ghetto rainbows. He talks about murderin chris brown what more murder do you want?

Whaaattttt!!!!!!!!!!1 | Reviewer: Kt lette | 10/17/12

You guys were supposed to stop with the 6 jokers cards. then u came out with bang pow boom.. it was a good album but what are you guys doing? you guys are considered horrorcore and then u come out with ghetto rainbows??? wtf?? i want to hear more about murder and shit!! wheres that wicked shit at??? next album needs to be dark guys!! keep up the good work. much mutha fuckin wicked clown love homies!!

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