hi | Reviewer: Courtney Hoover | 3/27/13

Hey guys i love this song. Same like the others uts the first song i heard of you. I think i might become one of your fans. I have to look more into more of your songs. FUNNY SONG!!!!

this is the shit | Reviewer: kammee smith | 3/3/09

i love this song it is the best song ever this shit is so funny and its the best song to listen to when your really pist its kind of funny cuz my dad who is almost 50 counts this song as his favorite song ever weired.......

Yo this is awesome | Reviewer: Brittany | 9/13/07

Yo man! i heard this song on youtube and i can't believe it! The first time was like wacked right out, then i played it over, and over again and i liked it. lol this awesome is sweet ass man!

i love icp | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/07

i fucking love this song and no it word for word or at least now i do

dis song is da shit | Reviewer: Jake Dotson | 7/27/07

i've been trying to memorize it for a couple o days now but just cant seem to do it but i'll hopefully get it done keep up the good work!

This shit is the sickest | Reviewer: E/v | 6/21/07

I thought this song was fuckin hilarious. I like how ICP put all their songs together,they got some sick(in a good way) imaginations. This song is one of my favorites but the best ones yet are sleep walker and prom queen.

I love ICP | Reviewer: Brittany | 6/12/07

always have. bu ti think this is one of my favs. by them. :]

wrong lyrics, everywhere yo | Reviewer: d.FENNER | 6/5/07

First, at the top were you have it as " your dad would try to TRIP again" its totaly wrong, its " your dad would try to JUMP again."

Next, at the bottom you have it as "I got a strong REP." thats wrong its "I got a strop RAP".. duh..

Damn dawg!How ya gonna dis your mama??!!! | Reviewer: Tiffany Rue | 5/31/07

This wasn't the first ICP song I have heard it was just the first one to catch my attention.. It's funny as hell... I'm 17 so my mom don't really tell me what CD's I can have, she just gets my the blank CD's and i burn em off of Limewire and this song was the first song I put on them when I first got them at 12! ICP is tha shit

Dis track | Reviewer: kold kane | 5/26/07

As an rap artist myself, I believe that this track a fuckin trip Shit funny as a mu fukka.

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this song is the one and only | Reviewer: Amanda | 5/23/07

oh my god how do you come up with these songs? I would really like 2 meet you someday e-mail me at cwp_313@yahoo.com or cwp.313@hotmail.com
bye I love you and your music

I love this song | Reviewer: Brittany | 5/17/07

OMFG i love this song so much ... it iz ma favorite song in tha whole intire world !!!! IT IS THA SHIZNIT !!!!!! ya nukka !!

damn dog | Reviewer: joey | 5/11/07

not a lot of people no icp but they are great and funny and one more thing DAMN DOG

this song is the shit | Reviewer: BreAnna | 4/29/07

Thiis iis the fiirst song iive ever heard by ICP and ii love iit!yeah ii diidnt buy the cd ii just hear iit on my liimewiire...but thiis song iis the best....so yeah wriight me on hotmail
(breanna909@hotmail)no shiit hahaha later!

Haha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/07

This was the first song I ever heard by ICP, and I love it. It's so fuckin' hilarious! But yeah.. I'm 13, and my mom doesn't care if I have the CD, but I don't waste my money on CD's, I just download from Limewire. =P Much simpilar... So yeah. Not sure if it's my favorite, though. I like 'What Is A Juggalo?' and 'Tilt-A-Whirl', too, but it's so fucking funny, so.. It might be, lol.