ICfcknP.. ALL THE FCKN WAY! | Reviewer: JUGGALETTE-LEXI 2 LYFE<3 | 1/13/08

ICP is my fav. dont get me wrong I LOVE ALL THE PSYCHOPATHIC RECORDSS but THEY JUST TOOK ME OVR. <3 FOR ALL THOS FCKN HATERSS THAT THINK WERE WHACCK. SUCK ON A DICK LIKE EMINEMS MAMA! HAHA. LISTEN TO THE MOTHA FCKN WORDSS FIRST B4 JUDGIN!! IMM DOWN FOR THE CLOWN AND IMMA BE DOWN FOR LIFE YO.! i love my family.. any juggalo/juggalette..im there for and hav theyre backk. bein a down ass juggalette is the fckn life to livee. no matter what happensss imma stay a down ass juggalette and rep my shit 4 LYFE.! M.M.F.W.C.L to ALL the LO'S && LETTE'S in the motha fckn WORLD.!


<> | Reviewer: joker | 1/10/08

i dont like icp becasus of the jokers cards or the movies i like them becosus of the lyrics the truth behind the lyrics how there lyrics talk almost directly about me and that they can become one of the worlds gratest rap douos witout having hardly any radio popularity.

" we will never die alone, juggalos will carey on, rase our hatchets if we must, each and evry one of us"

juggaloettes and juggalos rock | Reviewer: lasaya AKA killer goth | 1/4/08

i have been bown with the clown and i wont give it up for nothing at all and to the family hold your ground stand up for it and fuck up eany one who gets in your way go moberly family to all fuck the people who are not down with the clown

what it be about | Reviewer: Kyle | 12/22/07

It aint about the music and shit. Its about the stories behind the Jokers Cards and all that shit. You dont have to listen to the music to be a Juggalo or lette.The music is the crap that put our family together.But we all love the music. thats why we listen to it. But Damn ICP is that motha fuckin shit. i been a juggalo since 2003 and im 15 now so yea.MMFCL2E!!!!!!!

icp | Reviewer: sexy | 12/21/07

i love you guys. my ex-boyfriend got me started on you all, and i love it. ppls say danm your weird but hell no i no wat up. peace yo niggie


New things learned | Reviewer: Ana | 12/3/07

I have been down with the clown since I first lisentened to the Neden Game... Hell yeah couldnt stop listening to them... and thats about 5 years ago... damn i am getting old

*~JuGgLeTtE in training~* | Reviewer: nicole | 11/21/07

Hey you guys are truly amazing i only been into you for at least almost two years.I cant really say im Jugglette yet but im in training.I came to school once with my face painted like shaggy it was amazing.I LOVE YOU GUYS !!!

going to school lookin like a CLOWN | Reviewer: Virgel Velkov | 11/16/07

I went to school looking like shaggy face paint and all and I got in trouble WTF !!! Then they tryed to have me take it off and i said FUCK YOU and walked off and left school! Fuck everyone who doesn't like ICP..ICP RULES

ICP IS DA SHIT! | Reviewer: ~JuGgLeTtE # 23~ | 11/15/07

i am new to all of the amzing icp songs and life style but i want to thank my 2 homies that first got me started listen to Homies and ever since then i have gone wit da clowns and never goin back. so fuck all the haters lateta homies MCL ~JuGgLeTtE # 23~

ur da shit!!! | Reviewer: amber | 11/14/07

dude i love you guys!!! ive been down wit da clowns since i was 2 im now 16!!! i went to my first gathering when i was 4 and ive been to every one every since!!! ive also been to every concert!!! i love my hatchet family and they love me to!!!! i send love to all my los and lettes and ninjas around the world!!

peace yall!!!

imma be down til im dead in the ground!! MMFCL

BD'S Down With the clown | Reviewer: BD'S down with the clown | 11/9/07

im twenty and my cuzin NateDogg introduced me to the family a year ago and i cant believe i went twenty years without you guys ICP is the MOTHER FUCKIN SHIT everyday i learn something new so family members around the world find the time to teach me about our family so i know the ways DOWN 4 LIFE Big D aka violent D

fuk yeah | Reviewer: tense | 11/7/07

i have listened to icp for my whole life AND all i have to say is thanx to my brother for being there to introduce me to them cuz if it wasnt for my brother i would have never had the family i have now with all the love of my juggalo homies and ninjas to back me for life I HAVE BEEN TO TO EVERY CONCERT SINCE I CAN REMEMBER AND EVERY GATHERING so to all my juggalo family new and old i will always have love for you woop woop *** JUGGALO LOVE FOR LIFE****

just juggalo lovin' | Reviewer: CHriS | 10/30/07

I C all the homies pst-in their shit u know so i thought i would go ahead and post m,ine representin my juggalo past time and i have to agree with jeff homies to smoke with is one we all should hold dearly to our hearts.!

gotta love icp | Reviewer: Angel | 10/30/07

I have been a fan for a very long time and being a fan in all i have crated more icp freaks and i would just like to say thank you for all of you awesome music no one could ever live up to your ledgend but the main person i thank for knowing who you are is my mom she introduced me and every scince then i have never stopped my favorite will always be fuck the world

Shaggy 2 Dope | Reviewer: Esa Sleepy | 10/29/07

The first thing i want to say is Shaggy is fuckin fine as hell every time i blaze up im listenin to ICP when im cruzin with my homies through the hood im bumpin that ICP shit and the last thing i would love to say is Shaggy is so fuckin fine and has the sexist voice