lov to tha family | Reviewer: joker | 12/14/09

i started out hatin people that were prep or goth or even thug. but over the years ive been travelin with thye family i see everyone sticks to wat they rep. but why do they rep? it took me a while and it took alot of homiez to clear my thoughts, but why im for the Wickedest clowns is because i grew up with a rusty fork. not a goldin or siler spoon. and i faught to keep it not change it cause it was wat i was born with and wat i was known as the kid with the dirty spoon. to me its not rust its not dirt its me and wat i stand for and the wicked clowns understand that and they dont want it to change but to all you los and ettes keep bringin the wicked shit ya

why? | Reviewer: Tee | 11/18/09

MMFWCL..Miss lette love here has something to say to Mr.anonymous a**hole.Just because your friends turned out to be a**holes,doesnt mean ICP influenced it.Maybe they were already like that before they discovered ICP and finally found who they really were,and just didnt like you!Just because hey dont have a job,and they wanna fu** their life up, dont mean were all that way.I go to school,I'm going to go to college,I have plans in life, and I am,with much hatchet pride,a juggalette.We dont claim individuality,we are individuals.We dont like the same things as each other.We have our separate opinions,making us,and individual.As for them not caring,do you really think any music artist cares about their fans? I think not!So what,who cares.We get what we pay for.Good sh*t.BTW they dont think their black,they dont rap ya douche bag, its simply making music like any other artist does.ICP is basically their own little genre of music.You cant really categorize them under a specific type of genre.

right | Reviewer: Lynn | 11/19/09

Alright,so ICP isn't for everyone. I wouldnt consider myself down with the clown but I do like ICP,to an extent.If you look at their music, the underlying message behind all the cursing, murdering, and plain out vulgar language,youll realize,it was all under the joker cards.The same joker cards that pretty much "determine" whether a juggalo or juggalette is gonna get the chance to go to Shangri-la / heaven. I mean yea the music isn't all rainbows and butterfly's, but some people find it that no matter how far down they are,no matter how alone they feel,they'll always have juggalo family. So yea ICP has a soft side. How bad can they really be if they speak about heaven,and they publish the message to messed up teens about always having someone around. Regardless to it all,yes the bad out weighs the good when it comes to ICP. But still,if ya dont like em dont listen to em. Obviously they make enough money to stay famous and capable of producing more music.

fuck haters | Reviewer: summer mansfield | 11/6/09

im a juggalette! want to say mmfwcl to juggalo's and juggalette's!I just want to say fuck you to all haters, you will be the ones who die at a very young age. juggalos will never die. i have been listening to icp for a very long time. Ive been to 3 icp conserts and theres nutin fake bout them!iknow just about 25 songs by heart. i have all there cd's so you can go fuck off no one cares if u like them or not so if you do then dnt listen to them!!!and the only reason you put anonymous is cuz you know your bullshittin!

jus learning about icp.. | Reviewer: breezie | 10/29/09

well i jus started listen to icp cusz my boy loves it; i understand where they are comin from and understand where they have been; i cant say ima juggalette yet but im deffinatly feelin the style and the unique ness... mad propsz

My family foreva there... | Reviewer: Juggalette_4_lyfe | 10/16/09

I just wanted to say how much ICP has my life, ive been down with the clown since 1st grade. and i used to be a wimpy lil emo kid, f**k that i learned not to care and just be myself with my always lovin family around tha world, anyone who doesnt get it nvr will, we're a family forever even when were dead and gone, ICP has made the world a better place, just bein a part of this juggalo/lette family is an honor, i love u fam no matta where ya live, MMFWCL 4 lyfe

-forever family

HELP ME | Reviewer: aireal | 10/7/09

ok family i need help like real bad ok i love medal music i LOVE icp there my like all time fav band but you wanna know something i buy a icp ticket or cd an my parents ripp it to shreds i want outta my house but no money or place to go so please help me

Pass the axe, mutha fucka. | Reviewer: Sierra | 9/12/09

I've been down with the clown since I was in 1st grade. My older brother got me listening to it, ever since I've been swining my axe with the other Juggalos and Juggalettes. I plan on being down with the clown till I die six feet under. Whoop Whoop. MMFWCL.

Wow | Reviewer: Emalee | 9/9/09

Ok my best freind asked me if i would like to go to one of there concert but im really afraid of clowns but like i stilwanna go and i think im going to bye tickets for him because it is his Bday in like 2 weeks do they have any concersts soon?

Back off haters!! | Reviewer: Katy | 9/9/09

ICP stands for something. They represent all the bad things that have really happened to people. To those of you who don't understand people like us back the fuck off. All you haters are probably people who haven't ever had shit happen to them. You haters are probably rich fuckers that have had everything handed to them on a silver platter. Juggalos and Juggalettes are people who can call themselves something. When their blood family isn't there for them then they can confide in the Juggalo family when they need to. We don't mope around acting all depressed, we just don't give a f**k. Get it??

Juggalo For Life MMFWCL! | Reviewer: Shaggy J | 9/4/09

I want to start off by saying, MMFWCL to all Juggalos and Juggalettes World Wide! Got nuthin but love for you all! ICP is the Wickedest in the world! If you don't get it, you'll never get it. Wicked Clown Will Never Die! Raise your Hatchets High! Down Wit Da Clown till I am dead in Da Ground! We are all unique and different! That is what being a Juggalo is all about! Being yourself and not giving a Fuck whut anybody thinks or says about you! I will always have my Juggalo Family! KEEP IT WICKED Fam!! MMFWCL

Why? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/09

I just can't see how people get into them like they do..The fans claim individuality but they all act the same look the same and nothing stands out about them.,most are losers and were picked on..I had a friend that got into them and became a a**hole,him and his friends f**k up other peoples stuff,don't work and they are just a**es..I grew up poor but i don't make music and whine about it,its all a joke and the fans don't get they don't care about them,they just want your money..And the clown make-up?Now that's just sad grown men wearing clown make-up..Every fan i have met are a**holes and wiggers.They need to wake up and see they are not black and can't rap..

Juggalo Family | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/09

Im a juggalette, Im with my only juggalo, we got 3 little ninja juggalos and we all love ICP, in the morning while waiting for the school bus my 6year old son sings 'on the little yellow bus who wants to ride wit me come on, scoop us up, come on and scoop us up' I mean, I am 100% for individuality, and ICP is about groups and groups of people who ARE individuals where theyre from, but were coming together as a FAMILY! MMFWCL! whoop whoop!!!

ICP Blows the fat one | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/09

Alright I admit I used to like ICP until they got all hyper religous on me with "thy Unveiling" so they can blow scrotum. Juggalo's need to relize that they may claim to be underground but in a nutshell they sold-out from their first fucking joker card. They have lame ryhmes they talk like fags and they are hardly hardcore compared to real horrocore. If you like Murder Rap, Horrorcore, or Hate-Hop then you must leave these pathetic "clowns" behind and listen to true underground shit. Because there is nothing wicked about ICP or any of there shit. Point being that it is pretty sad that their own record label produces far better rapper's then themselves and if someone disagrees they kick them to the curb. They are weak corporate clones. They are the Lite beer of horrorcore. I'd rather listen to Eminem bitch and be repeditive in his shitty fuckin songs then these fat retarded sell-out's do the same and say they don't. Talk about killing Richies how much money do you think they clear in a fuckin year. Racist, Ask Esham about that. Point is ICP blows.

to all juggalos and juggalettes... | Reviewer: nikki flowers | 7/30/09

i dig icp. i totally do. love them to death but i dont know everything about them.
my boyfriend has been down with the clowns for a really long time and he showed me who icp is.
i want to know everything about them. im very curious. and i love their music.
will someone please just talk to me about everything they know that consists of being a juggalette? i want to become one. but i cant throw a faygo shower and dedicate my life to something i dont fully know about.
please, i know about the butterfly and the face paint, but theres gotta be more to their lives then just that. i need to find out as much as i can about them and the internet sucks at doing that for me.

just talk to me.
-nikki flowers