Famillllyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Brandon | 8/31/11

I have been listening to wicked clown music for years now and i have loved being a juggalo we all are true family and show true love. i have never met such nice people and never will we may listen to demonic music but in the real world we are the ones that have eachother.. whoop whoop look me up on facebook los lettes Brandon Williams West Virginia later family

Whoop Whoop! | Reviewer: Brent and Kayla | 6/26/11

I'm lovein the support and love on this page. Keepin it real for ya juggalo and juggalette fam. To Kyle, keep ya head up little man, there will come a day when you can throw your hatchet up at them and say fuck you! You got fam right here homie, keep up the wicked love you rep. -Kayla

This goes out to Kyle I think it awesome that you are down at 11. In alot of way's you remind me of Myself. I was nine when I started listening to ICP and just because your parents won't let you listen to them doesn't mean a thing, you got mad wicked clown love and no matter were you go and what you do in life you will always have juggalo family. Just keep on rep'n the hatchet they can't control you your whole life. Peace bro.

MMFWCL to you and all the fam on here. -Brent and Kayla

juggalos all shapes and sizes | Reviewer: Ron Hinds | 6/14/11

Why is it when another lo or lette sees me they don't believe I'm a fan. I'm 35 I'm a father just cause I don't have black hair and my piercings all in my face don't mean I'm not as down as anyone else. I been listing longer then most. Starts in 1992. I grew up in Ypsilanti and since I first heard been hooked. I'm a pretty boy is what they say. I wear my shirts and my hatchet man chain and tired of doubters. We are one big family. Show all juggalos and juggalettes love no matter how they look.

To the Family! | Reviewer: WickedLette | 6/3/11

ICP has changed my outlook on alot of things. It taught me how to not give a damn what every stuck up prick thought nd to jus do me and stand up for myself and my homies. I now know what its like to have people that are actually going to have my bak til i die. I have seen every personality of people yu could think of, the asshole, bitches, concieted, money grubbing, fame obsessed dickheads. So when i picked up my hatchet i was more than happy to shout woopwoop!! to every mofo that tried to pick on me nd make me feel so low. I know now that i have what they will never have, a REAL family full of los nd lettes and i couldnt be any more happier with my life right now.

My family's the only thing that keeps me livin. | Reviewer: Megan Waughtal | 4/25/11

Im the only juggalette at my skool, & i dont have fam for miles... so i could use some more homies!
WHOOP WHOOP! love to all my fam! MMFWCL!!
Keep It Wicked ninjas! <3
hit me up on facebook or some shit!
just look up Megan Lette Waughtal
Ducez ninjas! much love!

i got an idea | Reviewer: Ann | 3/15/11

I am a Ninjette I live in flint MI I get down at ur shows I don't care about haters ppl have there own taste on music were fam so forget them there wacked!but I got a idea on a realtip I think it would be a dope ass idea you guys should make a movie based on one of ur songs WIZARD OF THE HOOD-Carnival of Carnage just think about it I mean I know I am just a lette that gose to ur shows n has a shit load of gear hatchet neckles earings shirts u name it even on my car cuz I tell ppl you should lesson n be down to so I suport every bit of are fam Mmfwcl all da damn time n I do it cuz I love it so if u do me a favor buy at least checkin into da idea that would be awsume everytime I here da song I think of the movie and love it n the shit ain't even created only in my mind yo tell me I am nutz but its okay cuz I am insane to.lol We Ninjas n Ninjettes pull Strings so let make it happen Fam!!!This one for the ppl the vary ppl=DMmfwcl

MMFWCL<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/11

yo fellow los and lettes I luv the fact we allz stick 2getha and fuck anyone who iz hatin on us and our family. haters listen up ur all gonna end up with a broken broom stikin out ya forhead and a fuckin axe on the otha side. so if ur hatin then y the fuck read this in the firstplace??? fuckin hatin son of a bitch posers. wicked clown love 2 y'all who is down with the clown!!! <3

juggalos/Juggalettes | Reviewer: Bellerella | 2/18/11

Juggalettes & juggalos. I agree one day we will take over. I am a Juggalette, i rep the Hatchet at all times. I have been to 4 gaitherings & 2 hallowicked concerts. They were the shit. Faygo showers & going home lookin like shit was my goal. & ICP made it happen. <3ed it. I am go going this year in Illinos. or Ohio were ever it is. I will be there. <3 to all my Juggalo Family.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000g | Reviewer: kyle | 1/19/11

well... after reading all that i think this just makes me want to be a juggalo even more and i really want to go to the next "gathering of the juggalos" but im only 11 years old and my mom,dad,and sister fu**ing hate icps guts... >:b any suggestions?

Questions. | Reviewer: Julie | 1/1/11

So I never grew up listening to ICP. I am 16 years old and just recently started getting into them. My boyfriend is a Juggalo and so is my brother. I want to be a Juggalett but I don't know what it takes. I love the music and the message ICP represents. It sort of speaks to me. Like I grew up in a decent home. But my father was an ass and always beat my mom and shit. I guess you could say I had a pretty rough child hood. I don't understand the world and I have been trying to fit in all my life. I have always been something I am not. I want to stop that and live the life of a Juggalo and Juggalett. To not give a shit what other people think and be part of a real family. I don't have a real family but I have a feeling that I would if I became a Juggalette.

funsize24 | Reviewer: whitney | 11/18/10

i think tht jugglos are the best people in the world and i think tht icp is one of my favorite bands because their thinking is twisted and demented and it made a big impact in history. they are the most awesomest band in the world:) And heres for all u fat bitches.... fat people dont go skinny dippin they go chunky dunking....

MMFWCL WHOOP WHOOP | Reviewer: Psycho Killa | 11/5/10

Hey yo wats up homiz. I love yall 2 death. Ha i love you till da end of tyme comes. Everyday i listen to ICP, TWIZTID, BOONDOX, ANYBOBY KILLA etc... Same here fam i hate the shyt talkers and all da haters sayn wez a gang but they are wrong. We are family we dont care if any of us are diffrent we love the small the big the awkward and the freaks. but that makes us who we are i am a Juggalette and i dont give a fukk bout wat people say bout me cuz i am who i am. If any one got a problem i wont bother to talk to u. i am there for my fam i would die for my fam. Any one who feelz dat way i hear you and i Shout out a big fukkn WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL FAM wicked clowns neva die

J4L | Reviewer: BritbuggJ4L | 9/30/10

I have a ?
to who ever will answer it.
well i thouught M&m were chill?!
But from what i get all the time by M&m fans to Juggalo's we dont like eachother.
i listen to both of them, Icp over takes M&m but i like some of his shit. But yeahh, please answer?!

Get your facts straight | Reviewer: Crazee C | 9/28/10

hey @Big Benny do you not realize they arent even feuding anymore infact, on Twiztid's album Independent's Day, The late Proof and Bizarre were BOTH individually featured in each of their own songs with Psychopathic Record's own TWIZTID. Eminem is good but ICP has not only an underground following but have gone semi main stream

MMFWCL | Reviewer: Brandon Swancutt | 9/8/10

EMINEM aint the king of rap, Tech N9ne is the king of rap. All of you bitches hatin us juggalos or juggalets will end up with a hatchet stickin out your bone heads. Most people wouldnt exxpect me to be a lo b/c of everything I am in. YOU preps piss me pff when you rubbin your cash in our faces, I have grown up from shit and am thriving, hell i dont have anybody to look up to but my fellow juggalos and letts. If you want to email me my email address is ollytrick94@aol.com or ollytrick94@yahoo.com. MMFWCL, and fuck off hatin bitches.