MMFCL | Reviewer: juggolette 4 life | 6/30/09

ive been down with da clownz seince i wuz eight but now im twelve so its been like four yearz. My cuzn Derinna got me into it and i jst wanna thank her cuz if she never got me into it i wouldnt be a juggalette id probaly jst be normal but i never wanna be normal i would rather be down with the clownz till im dead in da ground MMFCL THANKZ Derinna

The real shit | Reviewer: Haley | 6/20/09

Ive been down with the clowns since 2000 ive worshiped the whole record lable twiztid abk blaze r.o.c. boondoxI live in texas and i have worn face paint since i was 10 an have been given soooo much shit people sayn its a trend i say to them FUCK OFF!!!!if it wasnt for these fuckers i would of died..give them shit with the axe held high!!! when i die i have one wish ....for me to be buried in cave-in-rock, illinois so that way, even when im dead i can still party hard every year!!!

whoop whoop matha fuckas | Reviewer: Ashley | 6/17/09

i have been down wit the clown since my friends have first intro me into them which was in 2000 i have always loved faygo bud the hatchet and all my homies for a long ass time i love shaggy and violent j oh so much they are such good enspiring people my homies have been there for me for like fucking eva they have always got somethin for me to chill with and we would just chill in my friends basement smoke somthin and just chill while listening to insane clown posse twizted or boondox they are so fucking amazing i love u guys and i will always be down wit the clown til i die six feet under with 2 hatchets on my chest and faygos by my side with an insane clown posse shirt on whoop whoop jaggalos and juggalettes much clown fucking love

ICP | Reviewer: wack_off_the_clown | 6/9/09

one day about 3 years ago i was hanging out with my cuz emil and he asked me if i ever hurd of icp, i was like nope so he showed me them the first song i ever hurd was Buggs on my nuggs but long story short i got love for all my juggalo homies but most of all for my cuz emil and everyone that works with/for Psychopathic Records MMFWCL

Juggolette_4life (whoop, whoop!!!) | Reviewer: Aubrey | 5/21/09

Hello my name is Aubrey Mtz I'm from NM in Bloomfield but live in the rez. I love ICP all my life because my brothers they were into them all sick, then they got me into them since I was a little girl and I've also been though alot of shit since both of my Juggalos are gone so hopfuly you'll show some love.

ICP | Reviewer: sam | 4/26/09

Ok well the painted face is to represent the people you would neve look and the poor people on our strees that you lock your door to. The whole message is not to judge a book by its cover they sing about what not to do. On the last CD they talk how they follow god. Every joker card determans if you go to hevan or hell. So the point is not to judge a book by the cover say high to the poor give the person you would never talk to in a million years a chance that's what ICP is telling you.

It's just a fad... | Reviewer: Katie | 3/28/09

I've listened to ICP since I was around 11... My older cousin used to play them in her car whenever I was with her so, naturally, they grew on me.
I'm 19 now, so it's been about eight years.
I don't listen to them that much anymore, though I had my phase that I went through from 6th grade until graduation when I was sort of obsessed with them.
Threw the WC up all the time, wrote MMFWCL on all the bathroom stall doors.
Chanted "Whose goin' chicken' huntin' (We's goin' chicken huntin')" in the halls with friends in between classes......
I was like your average "jugalette" I guess you could say.
But I grew out of it.
I guess once you hit a certain age you realize that it's rather childish to be so obsessed with a band that you threaten people's lives when they say "ICP sucks" or something of the like.

I still listen to them here and there.
Mostly when I'm in the mood to laugh, as most of their lyrics are rather hilarious.
But I don't think I'll ever go back to that obsessed, self-proclaimed "juggalette" that rewrote "Fuck The World" lyrics on the side of the gym everytime they painted over it.

It's kind of sad for me to see people who are still obsessed with ICP and other Psychopathic artists like I used to be.
Because they can't really see how pointless it is.
You get in so deep and believe the lyrics so much...
You actually convince yourself that all the stuff they preach about... The jokers cards, Shangri-La, The Carnival... You actually believe it's real.
When in actuality, it was all made up to make a quick buck.

Just like the lyrics say, "I got problems, I'm haunted by a carnival,
I could run and tell a doctor, but what for?
I just put it on tape with a phat beat,
And make a quick buck, I'm like, 'fuck!'"

Just because someone says they have visions about something that they believe will come in the future doesn't mean that it's real.
It could just very well mean that they're schizophrenic, suffer from night terrors or are manic depressive (From studying Psychology, I think schizophrenic would be the best explanation).
Or just fabricating a story to make money.

It's not bad to listen to them. It's perfectly fine.
Just don't let yourself get so obsessed with them that you become an illiterate, ignorant, asinine moron.
There's no benefit in that.

Moral of this post: Insane Clown Posse and any artist on the Psychopathic Record Label are just a phase that most kids go through around 12-18.

FAMILY! | Reviewer: Tha Wicked Kinky Killa | 2/20/09

Sup, my homiez? and as for it, i think icp is hated on cause they're not the same as the stupid mutha fuckas that are all covered in everybody. and ICP has been rollin for a while longer than 2000. More like '88 or '89, ive only recently gotten into tha family, and in the short while ive been a juggalo, ive grown attached to tha hatchetman, my axe, my faygo, and my family, MMFWCL to everyone, even haters dont get that they need us no matter what, if they didnt have us theyd have no-one to hate, so in the end, they need us.

Juggalo_4_lifeFuckEminem | Reviewer: Shorty | 1/30/09

ok ICP will go on forever just like violent J says in the song Death dont want you all we gotta do is hit play even if they gone but yea eminem is a bitch i would make him a fuckin butt crack on his fuckin forehead! ima be down down wit the clown till im dead in the GROWN!

hey clown lovers | Reviewer: kreg | 12/17/08

i love icp i moved and i saw a whole bunch of people talking about how much they love them man i like the song buggie woogie wu i hope they don't do any thing stupid to go to jail because they might go to prison and they would leave there fan behind

wOoP wOoP MMFWCL | Reviewer: DracoMancer | 11/19/08

I'll be honest. I've hated rape most of my life and country as well. But as of this year my bf introduced me to the ICP band. And you know what? I absolutely love it and I'm starting to get into it. Not sure entirely, but I feel close to the band because I know exactly what its like struggling through people's bullshit just because I'm different then the rest. But you know what? "fookooff" I don't understand why ICP is so widely hated. But I'm glad to see that its just as widely loved by us fellow juggalo's and I'm proud to be part of the family. If you want to email me feel free.

Keep it wicked

where the clown love in my city?? | Reviewer: midwest strangla | 10/28/08

Ive been down wit da clowns since 93 ive loved the whole record lable twiztid abk blaze r.o.c. boondox all the REAL pimps of the underground.
I live in nebraska an have worn face paint sine 93 an have been given soooo much shit people sayn its a trend i say to them FOCK OFF!!!!
if it waznt for these magnifacint bastard i would of died in the gutter alone but wit the few ninjas that are real i love u mutha fuckos wit all my black lil heart J Shags u mutha fuckos are the shiznat an i love u all an ever one on the lable u have kept this clowns heart pupmn wit a hatchet held high if i die today i only have i wish..

That the wagons take me to the other side to that five story fun house wit a maze an def have sum fat tiity juggallets dustn my balls off!!!!!!

MUCH CLOWN LOVE NINJAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hatchet love | Reviewer: josh | 10/17/08

I got down with ICP during jekel brothers era and sence then ive loved tha whole hatchet and ive met some of the downest ninjas ninjettes nuttin better then a ramdom WOOP WOOP when u walking down tha street u seem fam..faygo showers weed passen freshness here in denver i love yall 4 ever a juggalo 4 ever yea homie...4 ever family..peace yall.

its life | Reviewer: $c:+z0 | 10/13/08

Even though many people don't see what ICP means to so many of us there are so many more standing up for what they believe is right. Nobody in blood family except(go figure) my third cousin which is one of the ones that opened my eyes to this is always talking major shit on them. They have helped me through so much even though i have never honestly been able to talk to them face to face.....i have lived the life of a scrub i have lived in the ghettos....but i am now over coming it all to try to make a living for me and a hopeful soon family of my own that is not gonna leave me in the gutters like my mom did.....they picked me up but now it is time to go out on my own and find a way to thank them personally......

NINJAAAAAS!!! | Reviewer: wIcKeD WoLf | 10/10/08

Iv been down since great milenko but mostly i listen to punk my friend eyz says im a closet clown even though i now have all 6 joker cards and tempest and a few of their eps. hey does anyone know where i can get wizard of the hood? I was at the gathering but i missed out on it! FUCK!!!