my life as a juggalo | Reviewer: markus | 9/4/10

ok so this is what i have to say to you one yes we accecpt everyone that is real and just cuz they are icp and have stage names don't make them fake viloent j has multi personality disorder if every juggalo sat infront odf a shrink they would call us clinicly insane .......fuck that yeah i don't hate kids who get there parents money aslong as it goes to there future school car house ....ect but for parents to just buy 5-10 different videogame systems and 3 computers for there kids is bull shit unless the computers were for work or college but thats it i am a beleaver in one has to get a cirten quota of ya shit your self i lean on my homies for shit i can't get alone my homies are more family to me than my blood cuz they respect me my dad treats me like a slave when all i wanna do is party and thats the thing i am a party animal ok so what i am in college 4 aait i have a furture and it does not include hard work where i have to work outside i am going to be a computer tech not a construction worker dad so fuck off stop expecting me to be like you anyway whoop whoop and my hate for rich kids are emo rich kids i just hate emos and my message to emo's is this quit whineing about everything you cry baby bitches

Reality CHeck | Reviewer: ChrisAz520 | 7/22/10

"the real truth is that juggslo will take over"-Chris
Yeah, that'd be an extremely daunting thought; a bunch of wild monkeys let of the zoo to raise havoc. I know you all are thinkin "hell yeah, we down wit da clown, we'd raise hell" or sum shit, but who'd run everything? Ya'll really think the world would spin if it were full of "los/letts"? Well fyi, it wouldn't. Most of you are insecure and angry at the world for one reason or another and you haven't yet found peace of mind. Throwing ur fists in the air and listening to music that speaks in a jargon enveloped with blood and violence isn't going to solve the problems laying dorment, atleast not in the long term. I assure you, if ur seeking closure, painting your face and shunning yourself from society isn't the way to do it. If you wish to remain an outcast, then keep striving to be different from what's "normal" if you even know what that means. See, you guys would consider me "normal", a "prep" cause I have money and my parents bought me a new car, and are paying for my school. I wear nice clothes and refrain from using vulgar language. At first sight a juggalo would say "fuck that chicken head" or what ever and wouldn't even give me a chance 'cause of how I look. Kind of ironic when you claim to accept EVERYONE. Perhaps you just accept every1 that talks like you(with a brutally sharp tongue), or looks like you with a face painted to seperate yourself from every1else, in which case your just as narrowminded and shallow as the people you so deerly despise. What ICP tries to engrain in you is misleading. Despite what I have going for me on the outside, inside I think I can relate to anyone and everyone. I'm a college kid whom I guess you could say has grown up with a golden spoon in his mouth, but even though I have no desire to shove peoples heads face first into their asses,(actually nvr even imagined such an atrocious act b4 2day), I have friends that bang and have been jumped into certain gangs, I have friends that are musicians in rock bands, and I even have a few friends that consider themselves juggalos. Regardless of our differences, we all get along fine without the need to place labels on our heads. Really you guys are just controdicting yourselfs and sound ignornant when you talk soo much repulsive trash; I thought the whole message ICP tries to convey is to get along with eachother and to cease the hate. Well your doing the very opposite when you pride yourself on talking about killing and harming people that may in reality be just like you. Honestly, I think ICP might just be tricking a million fans out of their money. Think about it, they say they hate people who, like me, get handed everything to them(on account of their parents' dedication to an education and hard work), yet they are millions richer than those "Pleasent Ville" kids and just sit and do what ever they want as they profit off the emotions of American kids. They don't live a hard life, they don't have to deal with discrimination, they're idols, if anything millions of people can only dream to live their life. I guarantee you that behind the scenes, they're smiling and enjoying a kosher life similar to the "fake" people they try to portray in their music. I guess my message is, if your trying to represent the only good message I got from their lyrics and what I thought a Juggalo was susposed to be, stop hating and listening to music that veils more fustration and anger with a false a declaration of accpetence. Of course they advertise that they accept every1, they're business men, they want as many customers as they can wheel in. If you're a victom of bullying and stereotyping and resent that thoughtless behavior, then stop supporting a band that only induces more division and inconsideration for people outside the realm of what you now consider acceptable which is basically every1 that doesn't rock a hatchet on their T-shirt.

Homies for life homies for good hatchets wicked that the way us juggalos Role | Reviewer: Dylan | 6/24/10

well i was always the crazy wicked sort of kid but i was first introduced to icp when i was like 10 or 12 and i have been down ever since the icp music reveals me to myself and makes me happy just like dead bodys make me happy - mass murder makes me happy so all wicked clowns keep the juggalos religion Rollin

mmfwcl~love the family! | Reviewer: ashleigh deckard | 4/2/10

Well I first was introduced to icp when I was about 15 or 16 and I didn't really get into em... I didn't know what they were all about... I was always angry, missunderstood and I never really fit in any group... When I was re-introduced by my juggulo b/f about 4 years ago I couldn't believe how much I could relate. I may not have grown up like the guys of icp, always fighting for rep or status, or even my life but I did deal wit a f+*&ed up family full of hate anger and abuse. Needless to say it was good to finally listen to the words, the meanigs and the message... To go to shows where im excepted even if I don't know every song, or for my skin color or how "DOWN" I am.. Its all about mmfwcl! Its all about family.. Its about not taking everything so seriously and about taking your head outta yo ass and show some love and respect for one anotha.. I have never gotten into such a moment that ended moving me! I love the music, I love the family, and I love these funny ass moths icp! 2017 vote for them to be inducted into the music hall of fame....! Can't wait till june 7th when I get to See em again in cali!

juggalo-4-life | Reviewer: blazeup419 | 3/9/10

This goes out to Big Benny. I dare you to track me down just cause I wanna say Eminem is a fag. So what if he is? Are you his lover and will come to his defense if someone talks shit obout him? Ahh poor baby. That's what your name should be "Baby Benny". Now you wanna talk more shit track me down and try to shove my hatchet up my ass. You'll quickly find out how much shit you've been talking after I take my hatchet, chop your head off and shove it up your ass face first.

woop woop | Reviewer: PoOkey | 3/8/10

what tha fuck ninjas n ninjettes? why sit on tha fuckin computer an talk shit 2 low life haters when u could be out smokin fattys, chuggin on faygo, rollin endo, an playin neden? fuck what they think. take it from me bitches, yall will get what yall deserve. hit me up on myspace or fuckin email me. WOOPWOOP!

hatchet carrying goth | Reviewer: tanner | 3/2/10 down for the fam and any one whos in it but people look at me because im goth and fkn shit them selfes scaredless hahahahaha fkn makes mi day thn they find out im a juggalo and what it means thn they fkn flip more.i hate preps for the money and shit they tlk in ur face and nuthin can change tht if fams are preps they get aseptins tell they strt flashin the cash thts wat gets em a hospital bill WHOOP WHOOP. live lng fam

juggalo's will take over | Reviewer: Chris | 2/27/10

''People say'' that 2012 the will die, well not really that shit is fake. but the real truth is that juggslo will take over in that year. icp exspress same people feeling's that they couln't exspress them self. I think ''juggalo's'' will take over because every body -n- i domeean every body call icp -n- juggalo's a fucken gang. -n- if we were a gang -n- there's more then a million juggalo's on earth this earth would of been done a long fucken time ago.

dont fuck with Eminem!! >:( | Reviewer: Big Benny | 2/28/10

okay my homie told me to check out this site so i am. he said that i should be down with some clown or some shitt. so im readin all this shit and notice that yall is hatin on Eminem. Well red flag! FUCK YOU!! Eminem is the KING of rap and you pussies just hattin on him because only 10% of yall pussies are with icp and the others are on his side! fuck a hatchet and fuck YOU!! i will SLAUTHER ANY MUTHA FUCKA WHO WANNA FUCK WITH EMINEM. THINK IM PLAYIN, SAY SOMETHING AND SEE IF I DONT TRACK YOU DOWN AND SHOVE THAT HATCHET UP YOUR ASS BIATCH! dumb niggas. oh by the way, fyago is some nasty shit yo. peace

wtf? | Reviewer: icpluva | 2/21/10

Okay, heres my problem. I noticed all the haters are people who dont KNOW icp or theyre fans. Man yo beef and EVER lagit unless you know that person or theyve done somethin to you. We aint ever done nothing to you but you guys wanna cut us down. I really dont ge it dude. Get yo facts straight be4 you gotta comment. And thats why juggalos/letts are always there for eachother. People like yall always messin wit us. If we dont help eachother, no one will. Keep that in mind next time you wanna say something mean to a lo/lette. Cause yaw is really hurtin yo selves when you think about it so...yeah. You can be with us and keep yo mouth closed, or you can be against us know the rest. mmfwcl. holla

icps cool... | Reviewer: icpluva | 2/21/10

look i just got into icp. at first i was scared because i didnt think theyd except me because i didnt know EVERYTHING about them..but i was wrong. every lo/lette ive met have welcomed me.that meant a lott to me. a lott of people say im just following because my girl is down wit them. that aint it. its just that they will always be there when i need em. rather its a fite or just someone to talk to and trust..thats why ima lette for life. and i wanna thank allllllll you lo/letts man yall been great. to the haters:you cant judge them or us because you dont know ANY of us..

truth. | Reviewer: timmy the turtle | 1/7/10

on almost every single fucking site for anything reguarding ICP or the fucking fam theres what bitches...dont like it...DONT LOOK AT IT! fuck! peace to all the homies and mmfcl to the fam.

juggalos ..... family... hatchets....faygo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...MORRE FAYGOOO!!! AND NEDEN!!!!!! | Reviewer: drew monroe | 1/6/10

ok at first i thought this was a loada shit but i fell inlove with rapcore! it isnt just random killing drinking magic n fucking music. its amazin i cant get enough of em not just icp all psycopathics. this is music for the "odd" rejected etc. it is a non conformist thing
this is suposd bad influence well if u let it i listen to this do i kill pple? duh ... only on call of duty hahaha but i dnt kill ppl music is music just cuz it cooler than u dusnt mean u gotta hate the scrub life?! so y hate lets love drink faygo n a 40oz. play a neden find a homie to smoke with thalk to bitches be an assasin go the juggalo island tell the cops to eat a bowl of poop so live it up we belong!
I Pledge Allegiance To The Hatchet Of The Underground Juggalo Society, And To The Ninjas For Which It Stands, One Family, Under Clowns, Full Of Freaks, With Faygo And Magic Neden For All!!

so icp twiztid abk amb soopa vilinz keep it up! no joke you need to set an example pple are scard... well some should be!!!!!! im out thanx for bein tha shit!!!!

new to tha fam | Reviewer: tatianna | 12/18/09

whaddup lettes and lo's, im new too the fam. but definitly down for it. my brothers been down for around 8 years, and they got me into it. and mr annonomous stfu! we dont all look the same. were all different. one thing we do have in common is that we're tired of low life shit talkers such as yourself trying too say we're fake,. all these other people out here go for whatever the new trend is, thats wack and pointless. being down with the fam isnt about what clothes you wear or how cool you are. its about being yourself, excepting others, NO MATTER who they are. and following a way of life that your not told to believe in anyone or anything. people like you are the ones who try and make us look bad, but i can tell you this much,.. any lo or lette wouldd beat the fuckk out of you and slice your neck with a hatchet. TO ALL MY LO'S AND LETTES MMFWCL WHOOP WHOOP.

New Juggalo2012 | Reviewer: Charlie McKinney | 12/16/09

i just started to listne to icp but this shit is amazing man. my girlfriend got me into it and i love all the songs i've heard. if you dnt like them fuck off and if you do, u got a right mind. mr. ananymous can go somewhere and leave us alone