dear loves | Reviewer: samantha | 3/19/10

I want to let you knoe right off the back that i'm sorry. Lately I haven't been myself, I've been really down, and upset. So i haven't really had the time to talk to anyone. And i apologize. Things havent been workking out for me, Ive lost just about everything, But i learned alot too. I know that you guys are probably going through way worse than i have,but I want you to know that know matter who you are whether i hate you, i dont know you, bestfriends with you or just a pal ima always be here for you, If you need someone to talk to dont be afraid to reach out for help cuz ill help you. Ill listen and give you advice if you need it. because i know how hard it is to be alone and when i looked back no one was there so ima always be here for anyone who needs me. Please dont look at me and see me as perfect cuz Im not ...not even close i screw up alot, and i find myself makin mistakes that shouldnt even have been made. But there is one thing i can change and thats how i run my life.I need to be a leader and get myself out of all the drama, theres too much goin on and i dont wanna make things worse by getting cott up in childish games. So This is it this is what i have got to do. Im letting go of the past and im moving forward.Im sorry if ive ever hurt you. or if i said something that i shouldnt have said. Im truely sorry. so Thank you for reading this. its all i needed you to do!! bye guys