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Performed by ICP (Insane Clown Posse)

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good song | Reviewer: marissa | 6/30/12

this mean girlfriend dead very much in love guy dive into doing drug think he see dead girlfriend ghost she trick him into killing other cause dosent really
love she only faked it so he kills go jail dies and endup in hell where he relive the nightmare over and over again while girlfriend is in heaven so the mistake here is pussy and drugs can get a guy to do anything just watch what u do cause u could endup doing something youll regat and yes there is a price to pay end

Obvious | Reviewer: Stephanie | 5/21/11

Okay, it's QUITE obvious it isn't about a cheating NEIGHBOR[learn to spell dumbass!]. I mean, how can you even think that? Listen to the lyrics, I got the meaning the first time I heard it! And, I haven't been a fan for long. And whoever said they suck, man up, and say who you are. Why would you talk shit, and put it was anonymous?

in my room | Reviewer: branden beekman | 1/4/11

I fuckin love this song..its (in my opinion) not the best icp song nor the best love song, but it is by far the best song on the hells pit album..for the record the song "bugz on my nuggz" on the ringmaster album is the best fo sho!!! pz bitches MMFCL

love this song | Reviewer: mizzy | 11/18/10

i love almost all icp songs and twiztid and so on. i got to go to the twiztid concert, no way was i missiing that but does anybody know when icp is coming in boise or nampa or some shit like that. let me know on youtube

Just wonderin | Reviewer: Ninjaskillz | 10/5/10

I love this song, but i dotn know what hes screaming in the back, i think its, (where is she???)(why isnt she coming back? ) (i killed those f***king people!) (where the f**k is she?) (i cant believe i killed them!) (Why isnt she coming back?) (i cant believe i did it!) (i killed them! (where is she???)

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/09

okay so this song isnt about a fucking cheatinf naibor. its about a demon making the boy fall in love with her then making him commit a sin to go to Hells Pit. So before you fucking critisize a fucking song then get it fucking right.

Wooow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/09

I lvoe Icp this is not my favorite song but I do love it....... Its my song for my ex girl.. I'm a lette hoes oh and bitch who ever said fuck icp I will fuck up your face you better watch your fucking mouth hoe

Meaning | Reviewer: Jmitch | 8/1/09

Do you guys even listen to what they are saying in this song? even though he loved the girl, he killed her. She was a cheating neighbor. Why do you think she never came back?

This is nothing to call 'an ultimate love song' and I would never let it be mine and my girls song, even though it's an amazing song and well written and performed.


good times | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/07

ive always liked this song since i first heard it. to be honest the first time i heard it was the WolfPac remix of it. Its mine and my boyfriends song and i love it... we sing it together all the time haha MMFCL4L

ICP GAY!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/07


.xx. | Reviewer: Nataschaaa | 6/25/07

I really love this song , im an ICP fan but ive never seen them live , cause they just wont come to the netherlands which totally sucks !!
My fav. song is in my room and play with me xD
Not many people in holland know ICP which is actually good so it wont be all commen : )


mac luvz ICP | Reviewer: mac | 6/8/07

i never heard ICP, my cousin Nate is a HUGE fan though, he even had ICP's album cover for his graduation cake. Anyways, when my cousin put In My Room on i was addicted.I couln't stop listening to it. That song is now my all time fav.

love | Reviewer: crystal | 5/9/07

i love this song this is mine and my mans song i ove him so much

In my room | Reviewer: Laura | 4/6/07

I'm not a huge ICP fan. Infact. I don't like alot of there stuff. But when my boyfriend, played this for me, and told me thats how he felt about me, that he'd do anything for me. It made me start listening to the lyrics. I love this song, and along with Under The Moon, is in my top 5.

the best song | Reviewer: leigh wilson | 10/25/05

i love that song it is the best song in the f***ing song in the world

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